The little boy pictured is the six year old son of Dr Kayode Ajulo, a Nigerian lawyer, unionist, lecturer, administrator, orator, writer, and rights activist.

Master Kayikumi Kayode-Ajulo lost his life in a road mishap on the 30th of September, 2017.

His father, Dr Kayode Ajulo who is a former National Secretary of the Labour Party of Nigeria, wrote this touching tribute in remembrance of his beloved son…

March On General K. K. -By Dr. Kayode Ajulo

You’re my General, that’s what we agreed you’ll be. 
You’re my General, that’s what you’ll forever remain in my heart.
I will never say goodbye to you.
I will never.

Because goodbye means you’ve gone away and going away means forgetting.
I will never say goodbye.
Omo Ajulo Ko te’boro
Omo Onile n’gbale
Omo Elela logbin
Elela agbo’iwo
Elela agbo’iire
Omo Elela agbe keke-karun

Omo asepo fun Obinrinje
Omo asepo fe Obinrin
Omo asepo wo Ojiji re.
Omo eleta orukan
Omo afija ‘dola
Omo Awo sun sun,
Bi eni oro Ko dun
Oro pari, o bere ija
Fare thee well,
General K.K!

A friend of the Ajulos, Comrade Victorson Agbenson who is a prolific writer and Political Editor of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, also wrote a tribute in honour of young Kayikumi…

For Kayikunmi Kayode-Ajulo
(27th May, 2011-30th Sept., 2017)
By Victorson Agbenson

Fright has stopped me
From touching the serpent.
It is only he who has not spent for child who piles up money.
Yes it is he who has not faced troubles from home who stores up money.

The man who has had no troubles with child is he who amasses money.
It is he who has not made the child sacrifice who counts currencies.

I Look at my my father’s conclave,
Its a tale of leg ache,
I beheld my mother’s enclave
It was back ache.
And i see the forest I must walk- very thick!
From there I gaze at my children and it was with a heavy burden.
I fall into deep thoughts that i grapple with.

I could not hold the snake for fright.
Yet Its in this forest of child that I must spend the night,
For my legs ache.

I lifted up a sword for I wanted to kill, but I looked at my child and I dropped the instrument of death.

I lifted up a gun 
for I wanted to run
and destroy, but I looked back at my child and I dropped it.

I’m overwhelmed with the pain of child.
Because of the child
Those who never swore now swear.
And they cannot wear.
Those who never walked 
now wander.
Those who never owed 
now owe.
Those who vowed never to seek witch doctors have broken their vows and visited the witches at the four road junction.
Defying God’s injunctions.
My Child has pushed me far.

Child bearing has more fright than a snake.
And when a child dies its more painful than the nozzle of a gun.
That is why I run.
But how shall i console a mother who has lost her son to the cold hands of death?

If it was money Kayode would pay for Kayikunmi.
Kofoworola would have paid even more.
But they must spend this night in this forest.

Fare thee well Kayikunmi.

This is such a sad loss and we at TML join friends and associates to pray for strength for the family of Dr Kayode Ajulo, at this time.

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