Against the background of the acute shortage of foreign exchange in the system, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has alerted Nigerians on the circulation of fake hundred banknotes of the Hong Kong dollar (HK$100) in the country by some unscrupulous persons.

cbnIn a statement posted on its website yesterday, the Apex Bank said: “The fake notes which are printed on normal A4 paper using inkjet printers are of poor quality, lack embossment and the feel of security features.

The silver marks were stuck on the notes to appear like holographic security thread real bills. Also the HK$100 numerals failed to turn green and gold when viewed from different angles.”

The CBN stressed that genuine Hong kong dollar banknotes can be recognized through the following: “The colour and features of the notes shift when viewed at different angles; the holographic windowed thread shows a complete metallic thread when viewed under light and when rubbed on the surface, the bill gives an embossed feeling.”

The regulator advised members of the public to be on the lookout for the fake dollar bills and to report the sighting of any of such notes to security agents.