To many, popular actress, Chioma Akpotha is a sweetheart, to others, she is anything but sweet especially after her participation in the now rested popular reality show, Celebrity Gulder Ultimate Search. Chioma was a torn in the flesh of popular musician, Muma Gee.

In a quick chat with Sunday Scoop, Chioma said all her seemingly ‘nasty’ actions on the show were mere acting.


“For people to believe whatever they saw on the Gulder Ultimate Search means kudos to me. Everything you saw on show was shot within six days. We were told to bring in our A-game on the show to make it spicy. You will notice that after Muma Gee and I left the show, the rating nose-dived,” she said

Chioma who is a graduate of Banking and Finance from the Lagos State University, reacted to the news that she and her once -close colleague, Mercy Johnson have an ongoing beef.

“This is shocking for me. She is my junior colleague, I have no idea what people are saying. My life is so plain and I have no reason to have a beef with anybody in the industry,” she exclaimed.

Reacting to the alleged beef, Mercy said, “I do not have to be friends with everybody; I am not under any obligation to be friends with my colleagues.”