Give president Buhari a Chance, Abuja businesswoman, Bunmi Jegede pleads

Aimg-20161004-wa0010n Abuja businesswoman, Bunmi JEGEDE has called on Nigerians to give unalloyed support to the President, Muhammadu Buhari so that he could move the country forward.
She stated this yesterday while speaking to newsmen after the declaration of the APC gubernatorial candidate, Akeredolu as the winner of the Ondo state Gubernatorial election.
Bunmi JEGEDE stated that the time has come for Nigerians to team up with the President to move the country forward.
This, according to her is because the President has shown in more ways than one that he is committed to leaving a legacy that no one has ever done before.
Wondering whether any leader since the independence has ever had the guts to touch as many untouchables as are being brought to book to face the law for offences committed these days, Jegede stated that it is the dawn of a new era in the country and Nigerians should not shy away from embracing the changes that it has brought.
She reminded residents of Abuja and many other parts of the North that BOKO Haram had been contained to some parts of the country and they can now sleep with their eyes closed as a result of the reinvigorated war on terrorism which has been a major hallmark of the BUHARI regime.
She also reminded Nigerians that the global economic downturn that had been on for some time now decided to visit Nigeria because of the fall in the price of oil hence it is not only Nigeria that is feeling the heat.
She therefore enjoined Nigerians to hold on as they would soon be feeling the effects of all the policies that the federal government has put in place.
On the non- constitution of the Boards of federal government parastatals, she also cautioned wisdom. According to her, people who are working have not been paid. The government is trying to maximize the little resources it has and to her if Board appointments are made now, it may be difficult getting money to pay them. She therefore supports the government’s position in delaying the appointments until things are clearer.
The damages done in past years, may not be undone in just one or two years according to her, and Nigerians need to be patience with the man they elected who would definitely put in place the needed foundation for good governance and development, she argued.