zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimiIf you think things are really okay with the wedding plans between Zahra Buhari and Ahmed Indimi which has been rescheduled twice now,  you might be dead wrong.

More facts emerged overnight about the real reasons the wedding  was postponed again and why the First family is doing serious rethink about the whole thing.

According to reports,  it all started with the 20-car convoy that brought the gifts for Zahra and also the team they came up with.  Reports had it that the convoy of cars came with traditional drummers who they wanted to accompany them into the Vila but were stopped at the Villa gate.  This generated a lot of hot exchanges which lasted close to one hour.  Into process,  the ladies who came with the gifts were alleged to have said many unprintable things about their in-laws to be,  which eventually to the hearing of the President’s wife and her daughter. It did not end there.

Aftet they were eventually let in,  they brought their gifts and were asked to wait.  They sat on the floor in the Villa and obviously were not comfortable with their reception.  Them began another round of grumblings that they were neither given food or water.  They also protested that there mother of the bride should ordinarily have been around to receive them.

Unknown to them,  given the nature of the Presidential Villa,  the president’s wife could hear most of the things they said while they were her guests.

Eventually the President’s wife showed up and was said to have been taken aback by the gifts that was brought.  She raised eyebrows that it’s was too much only for her to be informed by the Indimis that this was just the beginning and that they would be bringing a trailer load of gifts for the wedding proper.  Taken aback by the effrontery,  Aisha Buhari was said to have walked away speechless,  leaving them there.

The import of what transpired did not dawn on them till she had walked away.  Meanwhile,  they had hoped that the gifts would sweep Zahra off her feet.

After she left them,  in anger they  also left and indeed as they left continued with their rantings.  One of the Indimi girls made a post on Instagram where she alleged that the less than two years in the Villa had changed the BUHARI’S.  She however deleted the post less than ten minutes late.

Information have also been flying around about some things that the would be groom said about the President and why he seated to  marry his daughter .

According to the story AHMED INDIMI EAS allergy have been recorded claiming that she had used jazz on Zahra and that all he wanted was to revive his business so that he can have an oil well like his father.  He was also alleged to have stated that everything has to be done in a hurry because he isn’t sure Buhari would win a second term. The recording was alleged to have been played to the President and his family and to can only guess how they felt when they heard what their would be in-laws had to say about wedding to their daughter.