How Insatiable love for sex and money forced ABUJA big babe Chioma Mbaka  to abandon her husband and move in with  Pastor Graham CN Jacobs

This is the story of an ABUJA big babe, Chioma  Mbaka,  new Chijioke, who has acquired a reputation for philandering and that reputation is threatening to force her out of ABUJA the same way her sexual exploits forced her out of Enugu several years back.

This big babe who is alleged to have a degree in law hails from Ihiala, ANAMBRA state and started out early in life.  According to reports, she had her taste of the forbidden fruit at about sixteen when she started dating her father’s accountant who was exactly double her age.  The guy used to come to their house in Enugu to visit the family and in the process, the lady,  started leaving school to visit him even as a secondary school teenager.

Eventually, the guy went to ask for her hand in marriage and they wedded the traditional way S.  No sooner had they wedded that trouble started as the young lady’s love for money saw her going out of the matrimonial home to seek what the husband could not provide.  This led her to befriending a neighbor and after that she got hooked up with a governor whose wife was her big sister. The big sister, sensing that her little niece was sleeping with her husband placed an embargo on her entering government House in their state. From there  the governor who sensed that his wife had known what happened between himself and her niece introduced her to a governor from the south south who gave her her big break financially by giving a six hundred million NAIRA contract to her to supply  and she items paid cash up front.

Once she took the money, she was no longer the same as she started flaunting the money to the displeasure of her husband and at every available opportunity, called him names.  Eventually the guy had to file for divorce. They had a kid together.  The scandal generated by her philandering in Enugu, ANAMBRA as well as in BAYELSA made her to run out of the Eastern state and relocate to ABUJA where she started dating a senior lawyer. Though the guy could not provide her financial needs as she was by now a big babe, through the guy, she met a former top shot in government who eventually helped her by providing contracts.  Before she met the guy she had remarried and was now doing big contracts. She had also had another baby out of wedlock. And so by the time she remarried, her life revolved round using men to build a financial empire. When she married, she introduced her new husband to some of the people she knew and business started coming in but there was no child in the marriage and this made her uncomfortable.

Indeed there were reports that she was months pregnant before she wedded only for her husband to take her to the US where he’s a citizen to find out that something was wrong with her system. Meanwhile it was the pregnancy that hooked the guy.  There were also reports that they tried IVF but they failed.  It was the issue of conception that led her to an ABUJA based prophet and once she met the prophet stories changed.

The couple had allegedly had some issues one night and the exchanges led to their landing at the Maitama Police station. It was at the station that Chioma allegedly met a policewoman called Ngozi who after listening to her efforts in getting pregnant, informed her about Graham Jacobs. The family returned home but that chance meeting changed the course of events of the family, our source revealed.

According to sources the prophet  was always taken aback by display of cars being someone who covet good things, especially cars, and the babe who is very showy took state of the art cars to the church during her first appearances there.  An aide to the pastor recalled how she would go home to change three cars within a spate of a 3-4 hours service. The prophet was freaked.  He invited her and told her that he saw a vision that her husband wanted to kill her. Unknown to her, the pastor was trying to get at her.

After the prophesy, she was said to have decided to strike first by getting the husband out of the way,  after all they had some properties together which were products of their few years of doing business together.


While the guy was abroad on a trip abroad for some things around Easter, the pastor came to their matrimonial home and packed away close to twenty pairs of LV designer shoes as well as many designer wrist watches and designer gold hand chains.

Till date the prophet still wears these designer watches and shoes.  They did not stop there as they moved to his country home and moved some stuff from there to the pastor’s village in Anambra. Eventually, when the guy came back from his trip, the lady who had always boasted of her contacts with the Police arranged to have a gun planted in her husband’s house,  where they lived together. Somehow the guy got to know, and even though he was picked and spent a weekend in detention, he  was let off.  The lady by now was already sleeping with the prophet.  Indeed, the three nights the guy spent in detention, they lived more or less like husband and wife. This is the same pastor who comes to church to claim that he is a virgin.

Meanwhile, though legally married, the lady had since relocated from her matrimonial home in Gwarimpa too nest in Maitama where she virtually lives with the prophet. She had also released some of the family cars to the pastor, lest we forget, these cars were the first thing that attracted the pastor to her. Not less than six family cars were moved out of her husband’s home.

Indeed, aides to the prophet confirmed that once he says he is on the mountain or gone out praying,  he is likely to be with the lady.

Another snag to the relationship is her introducing him to VIAGRA.

We gathered that because of her love for sex, it would be difficult if not impossible for a man to satisfy her hence the use of VIAGRA which the pastor’s aides warned him could cause blindness if he uses without regulation.

Meanwhile, the Pastor who, because he had lost the financial backbone of the church saw in her a new cash cow may soon be disappointed.  It was gathered that while she travelled abroad some months back, the pastor pounced on another member of the church who he allegedly impregnated.  In the course of the relationship, when asked about Chioma, he swore that he could not have anything to do with her not just because of her masculine look but also because she had such a dirty past. The pastor was also said to have told people around him that for whatever it is worth, the only reason he’s still tolerating Chioma was because of what he goes to get for the church as he had invested so much in the relationship with her.  According to reports,  money running into tens of millions which he had been able to fleece out of people (which is the subject of our next story on the fake prophet) had all gone to maintaining Chioma with the hope that she also would reciprocate by bringing her own money but up till date, Chioma is still dillydallying. Chioma has however not stopped telling everyone that she has the Police in her pocket and that whatever happens, she is sure to get police backing. Indeed she presently enjoy an array of police protection with the fake prophet which has in a way prevented those who have been swindled by the fake pastor from coming close to him.

As it stands, the estranged husband has already decided to release at least two of the properties he owned jointly with their wife to her so that he could be allowed to walk away from the trauma of a wedding  but the lady egged on by loverboy pastor wants more.  We shall keep you posted.