Former Senator, Christy Anyanwu, who was questioned alongside Lawyer, Mike Ahamba , by the EFCC over their alleged involvement in Diezani’s $115 million election bribery, made statements implicating former governor, Achike Udenwa. She said;
“I had just joined the PDP and those who rejoined were not seen as the mainstream PDP and they had this thing about me being a journalist and whenever I came, they just shrunk. They just pulled away. I was not part of them and I was not assigned to share money and I was not there when they took their money and I did not go where they took their money and I did not get any money and that is the truth. It is nonsense to be associating me with this. I won’t shut up and allow people damage my reputation. Nobody is going to tell me that I ate what I didn’t see or saw what I didn’t see or touched what I didn’t touch. I won’t accept that nonsense.
CHRIS ANYAI believe that Udenwa and their major players who were in charge of those things had their answers. If anybody claims that he saw me where they were distributing their money and saw me touch their money, let him look me in the eye and say so. If they are able to prove that I was part of the whole thing or touched their money, that I was part of sharing the money or spending their money, put a bullet on my head. It is ridiculous.”