Is his prophecy coming to pass?

Below is the excerpt of the interview granted by Gov Shettima on April 2nd, 2016.

What is your reaction to the emergence of your predecessor, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff as the national chairman of the PDP and his vow to kick out the APC from power in 2019?

His Excellency, Senator Ali Sheriff is my boss and is someone that I am eternally indebted to. I always tend to shy away from commenting on issues directly involving him. He is a very consummate politician who is presiding over a dead horse, and I am absolutely certain that he will see to the total annihilation of the PDP. The PDP is an idea whose time has elapsed. The mind disturbing revelations about how funds meant to acquire weapons to prevent Boko Haram insurgents from their scales of murder, were siphoned is enough to erase the PDP from the minds of the party’s founding fathers, those who drafted it’s constitution and those who designed the party’s if they have conscience. I don’t see majority of good Nigerians ever accepting the PDP again except perhaps, a different political affiliation but certainly not PDP as it is known.

Given his antecedents, do you expect to politically engage him in the immediate future?

My boss is a very consummate politician, he can survive in any political terrain. He will certainly find his way and will successfully destroy the PDP to the better glory of the APC.

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