The organised labour in Nasarawa State has issued 48 hours ultimatum to the state government to reverse its decision on the deduction of 35% workers salary in the state.

The Head of Civil Service of the state, Joseph Ancho, had last Friday issued a statement to media houses in the state, announcing a deduction of 35% AL MAKURAfrom workers salaries, citing economic down turn as the reason.

The Chairman of the organised labour in the state, Abdullahi Adeka, issued the ultimatum on Monday, shortly after the State Executive Council meeting of the organised labour. Adeka lamented that, workers in the stated has sacrificed a lot for the development of the state and should not be treated as fools.

“The workers in Nasarawa State have sacrificed a lot for the state, for instance, we forfeited four months arrears arising from the minimum wage, six years promotion, five years annual increment and a host of other benefits,” he said. He, therefore, urged state government to wear a human face towards workers in the state as the deduction would bring untold hardship to the workers.