Early this month, news went viral that popular musician and Afro Juju singer, Sir Shina Peters (SSP) had allegedly dumped his wife of many years, Sammie Peters who recently returned from the US where she survived a near-death cancer battle, and married a certain Olajumoke Olayinka. This left Sammie heartbroken, bitter and alone.

When media inquired from Shina’s manager Femi Davis on the veracity of the story, the manager denied it, stating the musician was still legally married to only Sammie Peters. He however refused to comment on whether there was a romantic relationship between SSP and Olajumoke Olayinka.

There is now a new twist in the tale as a very close insider in the alleged new wife’s camp insists that Sir Shina Peters is lying, and that he truly married Olajumoke while his wife Sammie battled cancer in the US.

The source told exclusively informed Laila that Olajumoke, a divorced mother of two was allegedly aiming at disrupting Sammie Peters home.

The insider shared pictorial proof of the alleged romantic lovebirds holidaying and partying while Sammie languished in a hospital bed in far away USA fighting for her life. So tight are the two of them that Olajumoke accompanied SSP to the UK to attend the graduation ceremony of Ife, the musician’s love child.

See all the photos of Olajumoke, the alleged home wrecker and Sir Shina Peters having a good time after the cut.

According to the insider, this first picture is Olajumoke Omojola, SSP’s alleged newly found heartthrob. She reportedly calls SSP ‘Akanbi.’


Second and third pictures show the lovers holidaying in the US while Sammie was on her sick bed fighting for life.