After failing in her bid to force the court to do her bidding, Rahama Ndimi is not done yet. She has through her lawyer petitioned the President, Muhammadu Buhari, the Sultan of Sokoto, the Chief Justice of the Federation as well as the Inspector General of Police alleging harassment by Mohammed son to former military leader, Ibrahim Babangida. This is in spite of the fact that she has also decided not to obey a simple court order concerning her children’s custody.
It has been claimed that Rahama is all out to drag her former husband and his family’s name in the mud. According to our source, she had through various text messages threatened to do this ever before the issue of. Custody of the kids went to court and this is exactly what she is doing now. To buttress this point,  our source in the family easily referred to the way in which she shouted that assassins and killer policemen are after her each time the court bailiff came around to execute the court order or even when relations whom she knows visit to discuss issues relating to the kids came around.

Our source disclosed that the kids have been with their father even since she moved out of the family home in Minna about four years ago. She moved out on her own volition and left her kids. Despite all these, Mohammed still ensured that the family came together during vacation through holiday trips abroad. After the last one, she refused to allow the kids come.back to Minna according to the family source.  Mohammed had allowed the kids to wait with her after the trip. She had to be cajoled into coming to Minna before the kids were returned to school.
At that point, efforts were made to ensure that she was placated with gifts and money. Unknown to Mohammed, she only took a break. When during the long vacation, the kids went to her again for another holiday, she refused to release them for school, for the second time, the source added.
Even when the Sharia Court that is presently hearing the custody suit decided that the children should be returned to their father so that the status quo be maintained, she refused it. She appealed against the decision of the Sharia Court and lost. Yet, she has refused to obey the Court order. Rather, she decided to put the kids in another school in Abuja. Meanwhile, each time court bailiff and policemen attempted to enforce the court order, she would take to Instagram claiming that her rights are being trampled upon. She did this in August, again she repeated it in September and she has done it in November said the source.
The latest effort, which involved a petition being sent to President Buhari and other top Nigerians is another step aimed at scandalising Mohammed and his family. What would a reasonable woman be looking for sending petitions to public figures when she has a case in court over the same issue, the source queried?
Obviously, after she had failed to secure what she want through the court and social media, she has decided to try public figures hoping they will come to her rescue in a bid to perpetuate illegality. We also reliably gathered that her father had never at any point supported her moves as he had ab initio told her to take the kids back to their father.