Renown Blogger Laila Ijeoma Obiagwu whom I am proud to call friend today celebrates her 8th wedding anniversary.

Laila shared the picture above her with three beautiful sons writing:

Today Nov 15th is my wedding anniversary, guys. My 8th and most beautiful year yet. Check out me and my squad.

God’s grace is upon my hubby and I and I clearly see our 50th exciting wedding anniversary loading!

God’s grace is upon us, my happiness today knows no bounds. We are doing great exploits!!

To the King of Kings who made all this possible for me, I give all the praise and worship. Please celebrate with me today dearies. Maka na m kowa mmeso oma ya nile, chi ga-eji, chi ga-abo.

(Find an Igbo brethren to translate the last part for you dearie. *winks*)

Congrats girl! Here’s wishing you and your beautiful family many more years full of joy and laughter.

God bless your home !

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