These are indeed not the best of times for Femi Fani- Kayode’s wife as her husband, contrary to the believe that he would only spend a night at EFCC has had to spend days there. As if that was not enough, we gathered that his inability to raise the 840million Naira which the EFCC has fixed as the tag for releasing him has meant he might spend more than two weeks which his detention papers as signed by the court judge who granted the EFCC permission to detain him.

Femi-Fani-Kayode1-1-300x200Insiders claimed that family and friends who had been alienated by the former minister are finding it difficult to rally anything for him. Firstly, his wife and mother of his only son had suddenly decided to take away all the cars in the house either in a bid to ensure that EFCC did not impound them or to ensure that she had sonething to fall back on in case his stay became permanent.

Unconfirmed reports indicated that as at the time he was picked up less than two hundred thousand naira, 200,000 naira was in the account where 840 million naira was lodged and so it could be difficult if not impossible refunding the cash. This was more so since the former Jonathan Presidential Campaign Organization spokesperson till date does not have any property n Abuja ot Lagos, unlike many others who were picked up. 

His colleague, Nenadi Usman surrendered two choice properties in Abuja and some cash as well but Fani Kayode has neither cash nor houses to throw in for his freedom. As it stands, his stay with the EFCCmight be longer than those of his other colleagues unless providence intervenes.