Any problems that has to do with erection and sperm counts can make you try different solutions.

One needs patience and consistency to overcome these problems but unfortunately, people are a bunch of impatient homo sapiens. They want quick action,  that’s why some people kill themselves with overdose of burantashi just to develop strong erection fast and go flog a woman to death with it.

Every man suffering from  weak erection or low sperm count should know that what works for another person may not work for him or may work a little. Just like people react differently to foods and herbs, it is also applicable in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. That’s why you keep trying out solutions that are harmless until you get what works for your body.

So, today, you will be trying some of our local herbs. They are out there in  the local markets,  cheap and often neglected. It’s time you purchase them and use them to see how strong your erection can grow in few days or weeks, depending on  your body.

1. Alligator pepper: chewing it can help improve sperm count and also dilates the blood vessels in your blokos, causing blood rushing to produce turgid erection. It can be chewed raw or used for peppersoup or in other dishes.


2. African walnut: this one improves sperm count and helps cure some sexual infections that causes infertility.



3. Walnut and honey and warm milk: take 3 ounces of honey along with walnuts, drink warm milk after that. Do it every day and look forward to strong erection.

4. Ginger and honey: mix ginger syrup with honey and take 2 spoonful thrice daily.


5. Pumpkin or melon seeds: group and use to make soup instead of egusi seed.






6. Carrot and half boiled egg: simple, chew enough carrots and eat the egg. It helps with erectile dysfunction.

7. Dates and milk: soak a handful of dried dates in  milk or water overnight,  mash and drink everything the next morning ; except the seeds of course. It increases sperm count and helps with weak erection. Do it every day until your condition improves.


8. Raisins and milk: soak 30 raisins in a glass of milk. Eat the raisins and the  drink the milk. Do it every day to help with your blokos wahala.


9. White onions and honey: blend the onions mix with equal amount of pure honey a d take 2 spoons 3 times daily. It will,  help with strong erection.


10. Okro and soda water: Get 3-6 fresh Okro, slice them; get dry okro seed  1/2 cup. Soak in Soda or Tonic water. Allow stand  for 2days. Take one short 2 times per day. For quick ejaculation.


11. Werepe, agbala or cow-itch seeds: eating the seeds for about four weeks can give you stronger erection and improve sperm count.



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