Posted by Caleb Onwe

Officials of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) have arrested 12 ladies described as “corporate sex workers:. The suspects were arrested at an apartment on Bukaba Street at Wuse Zone 5, Abuja, where high profile ‘corporate’ sex workers operate in the high brow area of the city centre to allegedly service top politicians and other high profile clients.

The invasion of the hideout was part of relentless war by government agencies to rid the nation’s capital, especially the city centre, of sex workers. It was learnt the landlord of the property discovered that a self-contained room in the com- Lalong pound let out to a single lady had suddenly become an abode for about a dozen ladies whose conducts were suspicious.

The landlord reportedly informed the FCTA which deployed officials of the Social Development Secretariat (SDS) to the apartment. However, in a dramatic twist, all the suspected commercial sex workers were released unconditionally a few hours after their arrest.

The Acting Director, SDS, Mrs. Felicia Nwogu, said the suspected commercial sex workers were arrested following a complaint from the owner of the property.

She said: “We arrested 12 of them, but you know we cannot keep them for more than 72 hours, so when the human rights people came, we had to let them go, when they promised to move out of the house.

“When we were leaving the area after apprehending them, the residents around were thanking us, saying ‘we can now have peace in this neighbourhood and sleep well. You people have done well.’”

However, when our correspondent visited the street one of the residents punctured SDS’s reason for releasing the suspected sex workers.

The man said the sex workers were being maintained by top politicians and military officers. According to him, a poor sex worker cannot afford to pay rent at that street where self-contained room goes for between N500,000 and N700,000.

He said: “SDS officials were forced to release the girls. In fact, before they could leave the place, calls from above had started coming, warning the task force team to let the girls go.”


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