Boy, 19, kills five-yr-old in Ebonyi, takes body parts to Anambra for money ritual

By Vincent Ujumadu
Ekwashi Sunday Onwe, 19, from Ohaukwu local government area of Ebonyi State, startled workers at the Center for Psychic and Healing, a private herbal center located in Awka, when he opened a bag and brought out the genitals and fingers of a little boy he killed in Ebonyi State and brought to the center to perform rituals that would make him rich.

What surprised onlookers was the boldness with which he explained how one Blessing, now at large, took him from Ebonyi State to Awka, two days earlier, to show him where the ritual would be performed.

For her efforts, Blessing was allegedly paid N50,000, even though Sunday, who paid her the money, has no means of livelihood. However, the bubble burst when Sunday discovered that he had been sent on a mission impossible.

Sunday narrated in detail what happened on the fateful day in Ohaukwu, Ebonyi State.

He said: “I knew Blessing, even though I do not know her house. I told her my problem which was that the petty trading I was engaged in had collapsed and that I was finding life very difficult. She then suggested to me that I could be a rich man if I killed  somebody and take the private parts to a place she would direct me.

“We first came to Anambra State to look for someone to kill, but we did not succeed, which made us to go back to Ebonyi.  On that fateful day, I sighted the boy as he was escorting his sister to fetch water from a borehole. It was Emeka my friend (now at large), who rushed and captured him and we carried him into the bush where I used machete to cut off his head. When I made sure that he had died, I cut off his genital organs and fingers and used a container to collect his blood. We then threw his body and the head into the stream”.

He said further that Blessing, who brought him to Awka, said if he could bring the fresh penis and fingers of a boy, the woman would prepare a charm which would make him rich and that it was a place where his problems would be solved.

Proprietor of the center, Mrs. Flora Ilonzo, said she had to start calling media houses to come and witness what was happening because, according to her, someone was trying to set her up.

She said: “After our morning devotion, my workers got set for ward round and it was then we saw a boy with a bag. My workers were in a confused state and told me that the boy said he was looking for me.

“When I saw him, he then said he had brought what he was asked to bring. When they asked what the materials were, he said they were human parts”.

Sunday Vanguard gathered that Anambra and Ebonyi states police commands have swung into action to fish out all the people involved in the crime.

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