O-M-G! Osinbajo shows new world-class communication strategy !!!

Evidently, with Osinbajo, Nigeria is on the cusp of true change. All through our postcolonial history as a nation, our political class have tended to sleep and turn in the same direction.
Osinbajo’s innovative declaration today marks a tectonic shift of the paradigm.
One, as a loyal and arguably the most cerebral Vice President in Nigeria’s history, Osinbajo has been laser-focused on his job. For instance, if Nigeria exited the COVID-inflicted recession earlier than the bookmakers forecasted, it is largely due to the creative leadership Osinbajo provided the Economic Sustenance Programme (ESP) initiated by President Buhari.
Sure, long-suffering Nigerians are used to wasteful politicians renting a crowd of jobless youths to attend their declaration of political aspirations which often end up being characterised more by hollow singing and wild dancing with their written speeches completely drowned in the process.
Osinbajo’s own declaration today is obviously far more creative, more effective. His message is cogent and the delivery most sagacious.
I wager this is a foretaste of the sort of positive change to come under Osinbajo presidency!
This is the kind of out-of-the-box thinking we have been advocating in our governance model. As immortal Albert Einstein said, it is pure insanity to keep doing things the same old way and expect different outcome.
Osinbajo, na you biko!!

– Richard Akinnola

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