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The leader of INRI Spiritual and Evangelical Church, Oke Afa, Isolo, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has predicted that the incumbent Senate President, Bukola Saraki will emerge the President of Nigeria in 2019. He, therefore, urged President Muhammadu Buhari to allow and support Saraki to fly the flag of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the presidential election.

What is your take on the general preparation for 2019?

What we need in our country is God’s directive and for Him to disclose the right leader; who will take the country to the right level, because the economy and hardship are biting terribly hard. People are hungry. Things are not going as expected in the country. There are killings everywhere; the point is, Nigeria needs a lot of prayers. We should all go and get our PVC to vote the right candidate, not just somebody who will plunge the country into darkness and stagnancy; that is not what we need, but a performer who will take us out of it.

What can be done to remove this stagnancy that we are facing?

It is for us to pick the right candidate.

Have we not been picking the right candidates?

Saraki is the right candidate, but in times past, we have not been picking the right candidate from God. We have not had the right candidate yet. Buhari is not the right candidate; his government will worsen the problems of Nigeria. For example, in our prophecies we said there will be a coup in Liberia and it has come to pass, and also in Algeria and in Sierra Leone, we said APC will lose if they don’t do the right thing and in Nigeria, Buhari cannot move the country forward.

Saraki is not making any move, how then can he win?

Let’s just leave him. For me, it doesn’t bother me, what we are saying is about the right person. Anybody can be anywhere and any party but all we need is the right candidate. People are tired of all these that are happening. I don’t know him; I just want to be on my own. I don’t want them to say he paid me for what I am saying. I don’t know him and let him be himself, but I have passed the message. Let him read it, he is chosen by God. Anybody can criticize the message, I have no apology to anybody because I am a prophet.

Do you see him emerge as President of Nigeria?

He will come out and he will rule Nigeria and Nigeria will be better. Nigeria will move to the next level, just like what happened in South Africa. These are things that have been since 2007. What we are saying is, Buhari should have resigned. I don’t know if any prophet is saying anything.

Nigeria’s unity is under threat, the electorate need to pick the right candidate that will move the country forward, and without any ethnic-corrupted heart. Buhari government has failed Nigeria and he has failed God. What God said Buhari should do, he did not do it. There is no light, no food, and no peace anywhere.

Does he know that he is supposed to be doing God’s assignment?

That is why we need a leader that will have the fear of God, be faithful, and honest. There is still recession in Nigeria; they are just deceiving us; just go to the market, you will see there is still recession in Nigeria. Buhari’s declaration will plunge the country into trouble and a big mess; he should not waste the country’s money. We have lost enough. More reason why we need to pick the right candidate, if APC did not pick the right candidate, things will go awry, the right candidate should take over.

The former Minister of Defence, Theophilus Danjuma recently called on the people to defend themselves because of the level of killings in the country; what is your take on that?
Danjuma is right. We have to pray, killing Christians is not good.

As a prophet of God, do you think that is the right thing to say?

We still have to pray against religious crises, there is still going to be attack on churches; all we need now is God’s divine intervention. Defending yourselves inside the church; any means that you can use to arrest the situation, use it. If somebody enters your church and you are saying in the name of Jesus, use any means to defend yourself. Armed robbers are coming to churches; if they have any means, they will kill the Pastor. We have seen a lot of things that is happening. I am just sorry for Nigerians, we are not looking at things from the spiritual angle, rather, we are looking at things more from the physical. There is problem in the country; Nigeria is sitting on a time bomb.

We need lots of prayer for the church to move forward, whether we are Christians or Muslims. We also prayed very well, so that satanic forces will not have power in our country. There is a crack in APC, whatever they are doing is not straight; they cannot make positive turn around in this country.

Despite the efforts made by the Federal Government to curtail some of the killings, there is tension in the country? What is the way forward?

The government is not doing things the right way; that is why Buhari will be getting confused. What are the laws guiding Boko Haram, they are doing worst things than the Niger Deltans. The Niger Delta’s own is not as worse as this Boko Haram’s killings, this is done daily. Bloodbath is not over in Nigeria yet. Another terrorist that will shock the foundation of this country will emerge, so the security intelligence should start working on this seriously. They should not overlook this. As I said earlier, Nigeria should not overlook this. We need a lot of prayers, the soldiers are not spirits. Another group of terrorists is coming together; these herdsmen will go because there is more to the herdsmen attack.

In your opinion, is restructuring the way forward?

Yes, by the time we have restructuring, Nigeria will be good and better.


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