Roxy Ogechi Ndebumadu

Making Changes

Much of my inspiration for the philanthropic work that I do stems from being a domestic abuse survivor. Surviving abuse inspired me to help fundraise for the Women’s Center, an organization that provides abuse survivors and families with scaled counseling, education, support, and advocacy services along with leadership and career mentoring. My passion for world issues steered me to become co-chair of the Robert S. Brookings Society, Washington, D.C. chapter at the Brookings Institution, a think tank that engages thought leaders in conversation around policy and changemaking, where I recently helped lead discussions on technology access and the urban and rural divide. Serving as a mentor for Women in Technology, a program that promotes technology careers, highlights rising stars, and emphasizes STEM education, showed me how we can use technology to open up possibilities and opportunities for the next generation.

Some people told me I was young to consider political office. But I’ve lived through plenty of tough experiences in my life, and they gave me the courage to survive, transcend, and grow. That’s what I bring to my hometown of Bowie, as the current elected City Councilwoman.

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