Few days ago, Nigerians were again struck with another celebrity drama, this time the news was weaved around 2face Idibia, his wife Annie and baby mama, Pero Adeniyi’s elder sister.

The social media fight started after Pero’s sister, Funmi Bazuaye reacted harshly to Annie Idibia’s post on Instagram where she alleged that women using kids against their father is a form of child abuse.

See Annie’s post  ANNN

Read Funmi Bazuaye’s reaction


Funmi believed Mrs. Idibia was referring to Pero and expalined that 2face who traveled to Cairo and had a stop-over in the US, escaped Annie’s claws to celebrate his daughter’s 10th birthday.

Apart from the thrilling posts and gossips which followed the viral 2face’s baby mama saga, there are four very significant life lessons one can learn from the situation… 4 things to everyone should learn

1. Keep private issues away from social media It is a known fact that people have that natural tendency to jump to conclusions especially in matters that concern two lovers, and the more you put out posts on private issues, the more likely you are inviting strangers/troubles into your affair.

2. Someone is always jealous of you: So many People jealous what you have and the best way to conserve things that are dear to us is to avoid putting them in the public space. Putting your personal life and relationships out there gives everyone the power to access and assess the relationship, a situation which is bound to breed envy and jealousy from outsiders, especially admirers.

3. Criticisms can be destructive: Though one can regard criticism as a form of communication it can sometimes be very destructive when it is directed to a personality or character under bias surrounds or when suspected not to be focused on improvement. Let’s learn to build rather than merely criticize.

4. Two is best for love: For starters, the lesson here is to know that it is more ideal when a relationship is made for two persons. Anything more than that makes it more of a public affair than it is private.

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