The serene atmosphere of the internation­al wing of the Nnam­di Azikiwe Airport, Abuja was shattered at the weekend when an intending passenger of an Emirate flight was de­nied exit by the Nigeria Im­migration Service, citing “or­ders from above”.
The passenger, a lady, who gave her name as Aishatu Da­mulak, was an intending med­ical tourist bound for India to seek treatment for her ailing mother and mentally ill six-year-old son, Ahmed Kyari.
At first everything looked calm. But trouble started for Aishatu when she approached the immigration officials and they told her she could trav­el with her aged mother if she wanted but her son would not be allowed to leave the coun­try.
The woman, whose father was a former Controller-Gen­eral of Immigrations, Moham­med Damulak, sought expla­nation for the order and was told that the NIS had been di­rected to seize the child from her and return it to the father, who was somewhere around the airport premises.
That was when hell broke loose. The woman forced her way into the Airport Control­lers office and introduced her­self as the daughter of a former CG but that did not move the Airport Controller, Mr Modu Musa to rescind the order.
As the two were exchang­ing hot words, her former hus­band and father of six-year-old Ahmed entered the Control­ler’s office. The atmosphere became charged as by now all sides were talking at the top of their voices. Ahmed Kyari, meanwhile had scampered be­neath a table to hide from his father, who he had only seen once in his life when “he broke into our house brandishing a gun and threatening to kill the mother and child”, as narrated by the mother in their scream­ing bout.
The appearance of Mo­hammed Abba Kyari in the office moved the office one more notch to look like the 1991 American drama film “Not Without My Daughter”, depicting the escape of US citizen Betty Mahmoody and her daughter from her abusive husband in Iran.

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