“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour :”( 1 Pet 5:8)
1 Buhari has come to make Nigeria great and he has the wisdom to lead Nigeria at this critical time. But for Nigeria to move forward we need national agreement because if two shall agree upon a thing, there shall be peace.
2 Let us pray against more violence and worsening insecurity in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and USA from August – November 2016 as well as March – August 2017. If the government does not sit up by tightening security, influential people could make these nations ungovernable in order to protect their personal interest. They will hide behind religious, political, ethnic and racial biases to fragment the nation
3 Pray against youth already in the forest for military drills, radical indoctrination and suicide bombing training to be used against the government. Let us pray against the use of our children as terrorists because in my dream, I saw a lot of children being indoctrinated and trained in the forest of northeast Nigeria by Boko haram to be used as child soldiers. I advise our security operatives to comb the forests of the north, southeast and south-south Nigeria for illegal trainings of children in arm conflicts. This is applicable to other nations in the world not only Nigeria

4 Many politicians with pending cases with EFCC will plead guilty from the month of August and plead for soft landing. Appointments of many staffs of EFCC will be terminated between the months of August-December 2016 for serious misconduct
5 The Senate after Saraki will introduce a bill that will enable them remove NASS law makers from the parliament for misconduct particularly those caught supporting terrorism, inciting tribal hatred, assaulting women in the chamber and holding meetings for impeachment for selfish purposes etc.
6 State Governors shall sponsor strikes from the month of August in their persistent effort to destabilise Buhari’s government. Let us pray that their evil machinations will be exposed and curbed by Almighty God
7 Buhari’s Press secretary and spokesman should get ready for vitriolic media campaign against them and the government.
8 Nigeria states that have big waters like Lagos, Calabar and Taraba should expect migration of whales to their waters
9 Soon, NLC will be made irrelevant because of in-house fighting
10 The new IG of police will concern himself more with police comportment. He would institute a good national police system never before enjoyed in Nigeria. He would train more officers and men in combating cyber criminality. He will be rated as the best proactive police IG since the creation of the police force and will draw more Federal and Foreign Aids. Many unproductive police officers and men will be sacked. Let the IG pray to finish his tenure.
11 State Governors shall be used as conduits by looters to bribe judges and Nigeria government will be embarrassed. The President will be enraged with the decisions of the Supreme Court on corruption cases from the month of September 2016. Most rulings will favour looters resulting in mass action that will spread like wildfire.
12 Before the month of September 2016, EFCC will apprehend more looters who are burying billions of monies in their houses, farms and cemeteries

13 Atiku will use economic recovery mantra to pave his way to power but he must caution his followers from the month of December 2016 against inflammatory speeches, particularly politicians following him who are the architect of today’s problems. Let him pray because there are many hurdles and booby traps on the way.

14 From December 2016 this year, the skies of UK and Nigeria will be filled with mysterious unidentified flying objects (UFOs)

15 Buhari’s Henchmen are going to face serious scandal that might end their political careers soon. Let them be careful and stay clean. Peace of mind is more desired than filthy wealth

16 Nigeria’s most successful counter insurgency team is already infiltrated with terrorists. We have to be careful. There is need for in-house re-examination. Pray against fresh outbreak of bombing of churches and mosques in Nigeria.
17 Pray against death of another minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

18 Earthquake will erupt in any of the following Nations between now and December 2016. They need our prayers: Mexico, India, Japan, China, Venezuela, UK and part of USA

19 The months of August 2016 – January 2017 will be a period of technical faults and emergency landing by pilots. Many military, commercial and private jet pilots may not survive. Let them use Psalm 91 before flying
20 “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision! For the day of the LORD is near in the valley of decision.” (Joel 3:14).2017 is a year of military uprising, insurgency and intifadas worldwide. I consider this as an urgent call for Africa to arise and pray for their governments and citizens. I call for the new generation of prophet to arise and speak out where ever they are about what God is showing them during their prayers in secret places. I call on prayer intercessors and watch men to be on the walls for prayers. Insurgency will escalate. You cannot get away from it nor hide from it. This is a national call because 90% of the countries in the world will find themselves in the valley of decision.
21 Year 2017 unfortunately will not favour some of our leaders who rush abroad for medical treatment. They shall be bringing them back in caskets as state security apparatus of those nations are in partnership with their hospitals with a view of eliminating some leaders in Africa. Dangote particularly should be careful with treatment abroad so as not to fall victim of state conspiracy in years 2017 and 2018. He has capacity to build such hospitals in Nigeria. Let the wise obey and be saved
22 “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” (John 1:5) Soon, Buhari and Clinton will impose martial laws because the opposition would trigger religious and race unrests. 6 states in the north with some south-south and southeast states in Nigeria shall be used to destabilise Buhari’s government. Buhari will not suffer fools gladly as security troops are seen patrolling this cities in the spirit. I advise police and NSCDC to commence training their people in readiness.

23 Some African leaders shall become ruthless soon. Beginning from 2017, they will stage phantom coup d’état to boost their popularity and consolidate power. This will erode democracy from country to country in Africa.

24 Good people have the duty to denounce terrorism in whatever guise today or be punished for their silence tomorrow. Terrorism does not discriminate and every one of us is a target. Hence, to prevent anarchy prevailing in the world particularly in France, Turkey, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Mali, Italy, America, UK, Germany, Sweden, Tunisia, Gambia, Cameroon, Togo, Iran, Egypt, Brazil, Israel, Canada, India, Spain, Greece, Russia, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea from year 2017, we (both perceived rich and poor) must speak out against terror.

25 Politicians who cause division in the Armed Forces will make many Presidents from year 2017 lose charge of their security forces. These politicians should be careful because I see them spending the rest of their lives behind bars from year 2017. Many military commanders shall be relieved of their duties in many countries from the last quarter of year 2016 to first quarter of year 2017

26 Trouble awaits journalists in Australia, Nigeria, Turkey, China, Russia and Gambia from year 2017.

27 The President of Gambia will have problems with his ministers and top government functionaries from the northern part of Gambia. Some ministers will be jailed. The President will win elections by rigging and will die in office. I advise the President of Gambia not to rig elections. He will rename the country in year 2017 and it is his wish to be the paramount ruler of Gambia. There will be crisis after the elections and there will be civil war similar to what is obtainable in South Sudan. People shall run away from Gambia. Let them pray

28 More Boko Haram commanders and ISIS commanders will be captured in various parts of the world in the months of August- October 2016.

29 Finest Hackers of critical information shall be used to blackmail and pull down governments from year 2017-2019. I fore see different nations hurrying to Germany, Russia, and China for help.

30 Germany, Russia, China and Cameroon would have the best hackers in the world in year 2017

31 Obama will be tried after leaving office. The world will criticise it saying he is being persecuted because of the colour of his skin.

32 CIA will from year 2017 begin to employ prophets in many countries that predict with accuracy.

33 FBI director should pray against being sacked and even jailed between years 2017 and 2018. Let him pray against disgrace

34 Attorney General of US would retain her seat when Hilary Clinton takes over.

35 Many top U.S. military officers will be sacked and their careers shall be destroyed between years 2017 – 2019.
36 Muslims to rule USA in future and they will build the biggest mosque in U.S.A Soon
37 Female Presidents like Hilary of US, Theresa of UK and Angela of Germany should be prayerful in the next 3 years against deadly terror attacks, racism war, 3rd world war, nuclear war and political chaos.

38 Soon, Russia President, Obama, prominent black women politicians and financial sponsors of Obama and Hilary’s campaign shall be accused of sponsoring police killings in the U.S.

39 A very powerful occult group in the world would trigger financial crash leading to the collapse of Naira and Dollar that will trigger turmoil. Let us pray against gloomy and dangerous days ahead in Nigeria and U.S. Let us pray against one world government and one world currency.
40 Banking Systems all over the world will collapse and customers will lose their money. These will trigger revolution from nation to nation leading to suicides and assassinations

41 Argentina will flood the world with “world 666” currency from year 2017

42 Drug cartel from Mexico will flood the world with drugs in year 2017 more than any other year. Governments must be at alert more than any other year.

43 Japan and China will be the best economies in the world in year 2017

44 Germany will be the best in agriculture in year 2017

45 Australia to celebrate the end of HIV/ AIDS in year 2017

46 Many Nations to celebrate from year 2017 – 2021 because of the end of prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Curative medicines will be available in pharmacies.

47 Cuba shall celebrate its opportunities. Cuba shall experience business boom and shall become holiday haven for wealthy people.

48 France and Germany should pray against civil war after exiting the EU. Similarly, the country Mozambique should avoid any disagreement that could lead to civil war in the next 6 years. Let them pray against civil war

49 Spain would be very broke from year 2017 leading to salary cuts that will cause protests. Also, terrorists in Spain would bring down airplanes and cause train crashes.

50 Let them pray against military coup d’état between years 2017-2021 in this countries: Armenia, Greece, Mali, South Sudan, and Venezuela.

51 Chinese billionaires shall be either murdered, poisoned or jailed in various countries between years 2017-2021

52 Pakistan will close down about 99% of churches in year 2017 and encourage false marriages

53 Saudi Arabia should be ready to install a young Saudi Prince as King soon.

54 The Supreme Leader of Iran should pray to survive year 2017 – 2019. I see a cult leader in Iran that want him dead before the latter is elected. If they succeed, Iran system of government will be reversed will form alliance with Turkey to caliphate
.55 South Korea should be prepared to face serious Nation-wide protest and nuclear attacks from year 2017

56 Turkey President will revoke some laws to enable him sentence many coup plotters to death. The world will beg for him not to kill certain people but he will refuse and that can trigger chaos and lead to civil war in Turkey. Turkey before the end of the year 2016 will join ISIS to turn Turkey into a caliphate with the view to recapturing the glory of Ottoman Empire.
57 Lithuania and Poland should pray seriously against USA and Russia using their countries as their theatre of war. If it happens, Lithuania and Poland will be totally destroyed.

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