Nigerian churches are preaching “ME CENTERED CHRISTIANITY GOSPEL” and “SELF CENTERED THEOLOGY OF CORRUPTION” instead of “JESUS CENTERED GOSPEL.” Very soon, it will make many Christians turn away from the Christian faith, particularly from year 2019 – 2021. We need to start representing Jesus Christ better by letting our light shine much brighter than it has ever been to prevent the growing of religion of witchcraft, divination and sorcery in Nigeria.JATAU

2 2016 is a year that Satan will use secret cults to shame, destroy, dismantle many Christian institutions like churches, bible colleges and universities. Churches and Bible school that say no to homosexuality, lesbianism are going to be targets for destruction.

3 “Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.” (James 4:7) Pastors would troop into illuminati; many more would turn gay to make money and to be famous. They shall abandon their wives and children. 2017 – 2021 are years that pastors would cause pains to their wives, children and congregations.

4 Daughters and sons of pastors shall bring disgrace to their parents from 2017 – 2019 by being involved in things that are evil and they will be arrested by police.

5 The 6th of June 2016 was the night Satanist hired by looters cursed an already cursed Nigeria so that we would have problems that are greater than what we can imagine. Except we are prayerful, the remaining months in year 2016 will witness incidences of wild fires from state to state, crazy weather with major flooding in most states of Nigeria and national crises that might seem to differ solution. Let us take proactive measures combining it with prayers.

6 “Shout it aloud, do not hold back. Raise your voice like a trumpet. Declare to my people their rebellion and to the descendants of Jacob their sins.” (Is 58:1) Nigerians should use the Ramadan period to pray for peace, unity, economic development as well as pray against corruption because I foresee corruption scandals rocking many establishments under the nose of the President that will get him angry after Ramadan.

7 The only major symbol of APC administration is the fight against corruption and Buhari will prefer to die than to compromise and bring APC to disrepute

8 The President shall return from his resting in the UK with anger against the happenings in the country. He shall make some changes. NSA, Chief of staff, service chiefs and about 8-10 ministers should pray for their jobs

9 “This is what the Sovereign LORD showed me: The Sovereign LORD was calling for judgment by fire; it dried up the great deep and devoured the land.” (Amos 7:4) The three major enemies of Buhari (PDP, looters and separatists) will soon be defeated through the prayers of Nigerians.

10 “The LORD will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, with blight and mildew, which will plague you until you perish.” (Deut 28:22) The four major masquerades (fuel Subsidy, Boko haram, Niger delta Militants and herdsmen) that have been disturbing Nigeria since year 2015 shall be defeated one after the other soon.

11 Before Buhari finishes his tenure, no individual shall be allowed to own personal oil block. They shall be taken back and given to Nigeria government.

12 An important meeting with important global men and women gathering in Europe to discuss Nigerian problem shall come out with solutions to that will help Buhari immensely.

13 I see Nigeria government rushing to America, particularly Texas, to study the technology of bomb resistant hydro carbon in order to make oil pipe that can withstand militants’ bombs

14 Niger delta shall make a satanic demand and Western countries shall call their bluff.

15 Boko haram and Niger delta avengers shall be revealed to be fighting proxy wars for corrupt politicians that lost in the last elections and folks facing government investigations.
I foresee one week of hostility by the federal government on Niger delta soon leading to thousands starving with folks begging for a cease fire. When the dust settles, I see arrest of prominent sponsors of militants. I see withholding of allocation of governors. I see petroleum minister talking out of both sides of his mouth to please his people on one side and the government on the other side.

16 “The LORD will fight for you while you keep silent.”(Exodus 14:14) Niger delta leaders will fight each other during a meeting that will soon be convened. It will be the beginning of disunity between Orubebe, Tompolo, Okowa, Clark, Kinsley Kuku, Diezani, Goodluck Jonathan, Dadufu and Patrick Akpobolokemi. Governors justifying militancy soon to be held responsible for instability caused by militants in their states. Also the Nigeria intelligence will extract much information from arrested kingpins and go decisively after their sponsors irrespective of who they are. Some governors from the six regions of Nigeria shall be placed on security watch soon. Two states of Niger delta are to be under siege by soldiers soon; many soldiers will die and many militants will die but the resolve of that zone to hold Nigeria to ransom will be broken

17 Niger delta avengers from the month of July shall collapse due to intense political situation. The group’s budget will dwindle because many people will withdraw from donating and banks working for them shall cease. Some members of the Niger delta avengers would align with al-Qaeda forces. Niger delta avengers and Biafra agitators are aware that its ranks have been seriously penetrated by Nigeria security agencies. It shall lose its nuisance value before the end of this year

18 The design of some Niger delta governors to provide cover for terrorists/militants to kill Buhari in order to set the country on the part of civil war shall soon be exposed.

19 Amaechi must be very prayerful from the month of August-November. There is a plan to assassinate him

20 Governors of south-south zone promoting economic sabotage shall soon to be labelled “enemies of state” who employ services of terrorists to destroy the nations assets. I foresee Akpabio, Wike, Okata, Madueke, Dokubo, Tompolo all struggling to clear their names as well as some PDP members involved in the militants’ scheme.

21 State of emergency declaration shall place fear on other stubborn governors very soon

22 Henry Okah to be released and celebrated by MEND soon. MEND shall align with Buhari’s Federal Government.

23 Modular refineries to be established in the states shall bring an end to illegal refineries.

24 The police with advanced technology shall arrest many Nigeria terrorists through their communications on Facebook pages and WhatsApp.

25 Arm robbers and other criminals shall be escaping from police custody while some will die in custody from the month of June-December 2016

26 PHCN, airport, seaports to introduce new tariffs in year 2017.
27 The government of Nigeria will soon provide mass employment for non-violent groups in the Niger delta. I foresee a season in Nigeria that our television screen shall be filled with images of terrorists and militants surrendering arms before the end of the year. These weapons were brought into the country in the last 6 years under the supervision of the then chief of army staff.

28 2017 is a year Nigerians would be irrational about plastic surgery. Nigeria will lose many celebrities through plastic surgery from year 2017 – 2019.

29 Federal Government from year 2017 shall be constructing more intensive care units (ICU) in our hospitals.

30 “When a country is rebellious, it has many rulers, but a ruler with discernment and knowledge maintains order.” (Proverb 28:2) A lawless nation will have very bad leaders but a smart leader will rule for a long time in the land where people obey the law. God will send a redeemer to Nasarawa state in year 2019.

31 Let us prepare for earthquake disasters in Africa because it is coming. Very soon, faulty zones are to be discovered from state to state in Nigeria especially in the north and southwest.

32 If the incumbent president in Ghana rigs and win the incoming elections in November, I foresee crises. There shall be protest against corruption and increased taxes. Many will be arrested and many Ghanaians shall flee the country. Ghanaians should be prepared for Fulani herdsmen attack from year 2017. Ghanaians should also get ready for president Mills’s death exposé and the people who are in possession of his looted money.

33 Every country that is 49 years old and above must pray with psalm 122:6 for her unity from year 2017. I see 2017 as a year of casting lot (Obadiah 1:10) to divide nations by invading western countries, China and Russian

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