Residents of High Rise Buildings located in Mambollo Close in Wuse 2 area of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) have raised the alarm over what they described as the influx of commercial sex workers which have consequently given rise to crime and crim­inality in the area.
The group, in an appeal letter dated May 27, 2016, written to the FCT Com­missioner of Police, a copy which was made available to The AUTHORITY, disclosed that since the prostitutes re­located to the area, the area has since lost its serenity and the residents could no more sleep.
The flats occupied by the prostitutes, according to the residents include, Block 3, flat 4 and 6; Block 54, flat 8; Block 61, flat 2 and 22 and Block 63, flat 8 and 20.
However, when one of our correspondent visited the area at about 1pm yester­day, he observed some girls exchanging harsh words to each other and some of them were standing half naked in front of their flats.
The residents therefore called on the FCT Police Command to clean up the area by arresting the prosti­tutes and charging them to court for constituting them­selves into public nuisance; revoke the flats they occu­pied because, according to them, converting such flats to unregistered brothel is a serious breach of the Pur­pose Clause.
The group further ap­pealed to the Police to arrest the “taxi and ‘kabu-kabu’ drivers who have converted the residential neighbour­hood to illegal Motor Park.”
The residents disclosed that criminals have sever­ally disguised as commercial vehicle drivers and have on several occasions, disposed some of the residents of the area of their valuables.
The appeal letter which was signed by chairman of the residents of the area, Mahmoud Gamba, ex­plained that: “We have every reason to conclude that these girls are prostitutes operat­ing in purely public residen­tial abode. They move out to the streets as from 8pm and return to the residence as from 3-6am.
“When they are going out or coming in, they use un­speakable gutter language worsened by the fact that they are made to the hearing of tender children or young adults.
“Their customers who also come during the day time have severally abused us, our wives and our children. Some of them even make ad­vances to our wives and chil­dren including tender chil­dren and thus exposing all of us to all forms of immorality and psychological bomb.”
The residents further la­mented that, “armed robbers and other criminal elements who were unknown to the environment have suddenly started creeping into the en­vironment to the extent that some people have had their cars snatched at gun point or vandalised by the supposed customers of these girls.


“These girls parade about in the neigbourhood in a most despicable and embar­rassing mode of dressing, at times making advances to both married men and young boys living in the area. In fact, the sanctity of family values are daily being pol­luted and destroyed by these girls, who have no modicum of shame and character.”

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