img-20160111-wa0000Abuja popular pastor, Graham CN Jacobs in Fake miracles scandal, church decimated as bubble burst over arrangee miracles

When sometimes around October last year, Graham CN Jacobs set out to launch his ministry in Abuja, obviously, he took the people of the city for granted. He assumed that they were so gullible that they could take anything he said hook line and sinker and that his prophesies would ensure that he got the ears of throw in authority.

He made many claims to mentorship. Because the people he claimed mentored him were dead, no one could ask them how the Anglican boy who claimed to be in his twenties but looked close to forty was what he claimed to be.

During his first outing at the Old parade ground, it was miracles galore. Mad young man was cured of his madness, many who were possessed were delivered. So we thought. From there, he started his weekly program at the Shabak Centre in JABI, right at the Centre of the city of Abuja.

Gradually questions started coming out. Why did many of those who received miracles run away even before the service ends? Why did they keep off from the church subsequently. Why would someone receive such miracles and just disappear just like that. The questions persisted and were not the least made relevant by the nature of the messages that Graham gave. Three consecutive weeks, he would give the same message. Somehow he tried to justify this, but many people would not be fooled. This man had little to offer they already knew.

He sought and got the attention of the rich and influential., he made them make pledged to his ministry and his ability to hold them spell bound by his divination was something that was not in doubt. Where the divination failed, he improvised. This was what led to the idea of exhuming items buried or hidden in homes. Obviously, he had them made in large quantity and maybe he never envisaged that two people who had had such things exhumed from their homes or premises would meet hence he would have told the makers of the objects to vary the objects he used to perfect his fake miracles. It so happened that an object that was allegedly exhumed by him in three different places, pictures of which we have been able to get hold of are virtually the same. The witches must have been thinking the same way, for them to bury the same objects in a Wuse Market Abuja shop as they buried in a director’s house as well as a top aviation expert’s house in ADAMAWA. Funny isn’t it?

Egg breaking technique

Another set of miracles were performed by him through eggs which he uses in rubbing the body of the person he wants to ‘deliver’. Unknown to the person and whoever he is with, he already has som spins in his palm before taking the egg. Next thing you see after using the egg to rub your body is that he breaks the egg in a plate and pinstripe out as if they are from the egg. Many people may get carried away but not his aides who know the tricks to it. Usually what he does is to look a way to divert your attention so that by the time you open your eyes and see the content of the egg, you will be too she’ll-shocked to talk. At least five different people who had this encounter now reflect back and remember that at a point, they lost concentration.

Rented testifiers

Apart from the two mentioned above, he also adopted another method. He would bring in some people from the suburbs and the would claim either sick or paralyzed or deaf. Before you know what is happening, he would call them out to and start telling them things about themselves which the people there would be astonished to hear. He would make them call people back home who would corroborate what he is saying and within a coupe, of minutes, he pronounce them healed and you see them doing what they could hitherto not do.

Since his engagement with them is for the miracle, once they finish t he show, they pack their things and leave. You don’t see them again around the premises of the worship venue. Many leave even before the service ends like a prostitute who has finished with a client and ready to hustle for the next one.

Initially, the crowd kept coming and Graham was truly on top of his game. The more daring he was however, the more people, who were not carried away sought to find out more about him and ask questions.

For those who could, the major question was why did the people healed always disappear sos quickly and they don’t ever come back. In a bid to keep a tab, at the onset, Graham Jacobs was encouraged to to keep a tab on those he healed. He promised to do. He never did. Even when those healed were asked to drop their numbers, he would tell you he didn’t need them.

Now more and more members seems to have caught the bug. They are asking questions. Those who still feel that the whole hing is real as waiting while those who feel disappointed have moved on. In the second part of this report, we shall be looking at his philandering aspect which is perhaps the real reason behind the church major crisis that has rocked the social media in the last couple of days.

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