He took Abuja by storm some years back. He was formerly based in Port Harcourt and he had made a name for himself there though not without some form of controversies. There were allegations of church members and miracle seekers being asked to deposit money on the altar so that they could have their miracles very fast, many of who came back to complain that they neither had a miracle nor their money back.

Some people even swore that this was what led to his relocating from Port Harcourt to Abuja where he was relatively known so that he could continue with his lifestyle. Whether or not this was the issue that brought ThankGod Abam, the founder and Prophet in charge of Intercessory Prayer Ministry to the capital city would soon come to light.

Already, there are allegations that he has been extorting money from miracle seekers who want instant miracles and who have seen him as a man through whom God can better their lot.

One of such allegations came from a woman [ name withheld who claimed she gave him twelve million Naira at various times so that her bedridden husband could be healed but his situation has not improved. Another person, a police officer also claimed to have given him five million Naira for a miracle that has continued to elude him months after dropping the money on the altar as directed by him.

Another case involved a lady who also dropped five hundred and forty thousand Naira being all her life savings on the altar at his behest, hoping for a miracle. We gathered that in her case, a Pastor in the church admitted to have followed her to the bank to collect the money which she eventually deposited on the church altar. Already, the Prophet has been forced to refund the money to the lady when she claimed that she did not receive any miracle and she had tried without success to recover her money back and the issue generated a lot of bad blood for the church among members of the public.

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