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The City of Lagos is expected to be agog on Saturday January 12, 2019 as the 15th Aare Onakakanfo, Iba Gani Adams will confer chieftaincy titles on members of his Council.
The installation is part of the one year coronation anniversary of the Generalissimo as the Supreme Head of Yoruba Warriors and that of the Esos in Yoruba land. He is undoubtedly traditionally qualified to install his own chiefs in line with the age long tradition of Oyo empire.

Fifteen distinguished sons and daughters of Yoruba land are due to installation as members of the Council of the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yoruba land. Amongst them is a notable Human Rights Activist and legal practitioner, Dr. Kayode Ajulo who is to be installed as the Mayegun of Yoruba land at the occasion. The Mayegun title is no doubt a worthwhile one that is perfectly in tandem with the roles so far played by Barrister Ajulo to champion the cause of these whose rights have been trampled upon.

Other notable personalities to get conferred with traditional titles of Yoruba land by the Aare Onakakanfo, Iba Gani Adams include Mr. Wale Abel as Balogun, Akogun Gani Balogun as Osi, Mr. Shola Oshunkeye as Baaroyin, Mrs. Yewande Green as Yeyeshewa and Engr. Emmanuel Ajibero as Otun. Others expected to be installed as members of Aare Ona Kakanfo in Council are Barr. Kehinde oluwole as Bamofin, Chief kamorudeen Lamina as Borokini,
Prof. Kola Raheem as Parakoyi,
Alhaja Mudirakat Amore as Yeyeluwa and Otunba Kole Omololu as Odofin. The rest are Hon. Akeem Ige as Bameto, Barr. Yinka Oguntimehin as Asoju Aare, Captain Micheal Adeshina as Baarejiroro and Rt. Hon. Femi Bamisile as Baareselu.

Activities to mark the one year anniversary of Iba Gani Adams are expected to run from 9th to 13th of January, 2019. Rich traditions of Yoruba will be on display at the 5 – day event. The event, and particularly the installation of Chiefs to make up the Council of Aare Ona Kakanfo is naturally in line with the old order once the Generalissimo has completed the traditional rites leading to his crowning and coronation by the Alaafin of Oyo.

Iba Gani Adams after the completion of his rites as Aare Ona Kakanfo has been coronated with certain ensigns and insignia of office. He exclusively has on his head the “Ojijiko” crown, which represents a unique coronet that is of crown shaped and fitted with the oxblood feathers of the parrot’s tail. This is in addition to the leopard skins that he wears like an apron.

History recorded it that all the Aare Onakakanfo of old constituted their own councils with the appointment of their own chiefs. These were the reasons for having till date traditional chieftaincy titles such as Otun Aare, Osi Aare among others. History recorded it that Asubiaro Latoosa, was Otun to Ojo Aburumaku before he became the substantive Aare Ona Kakanfo. Ikurunmi the spouse of Mosadiwin of Ijaye also had his chiefs alongside the 70 Eshos, who were also chiefs of sorts.

However, the two predecessors of Iba Gani Adams as Aare Ona Kakanfo, Chief Samuel Ladoke Akinnola and Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola could not constitute their own councils due to apparent circumstances. Chief S.L.A Akintola became Aare Ona Kakanfo in August of 1964, at a time of extreme political activities. Also, Akintola who was at the time the Premier of Western Region became very enmeshed in governance and only had time to plot his political survival and hardly had any spare time for further consummation of tradition title.
Meanwhile, Chief M.K.O Abiola on the other hand chose not to perform the traditional rites leading to full coronation as Aare Ona Kakanfo on the ground of his religious belief as a Muslim.

The age long tradition that is more than 500 years has now been reactivated by Aare Gani Adams who took the pains of completing the full traditional rites of passage. Some of the rites undertaken by Iba Gani Adams included the 201 incisions made on his head and went through all the rituals progressively from the Sango shrine, after having done similar initiations at Obatala’s shrine, Ogun’s shrine, Esu’s shrine and in conversation with “Awon Iyami Osoronga”, the earth mothers of the bird fraternity amongst other rites.

The traditional rites of Aare Ona Kakanfo were deemed completed by Gani Adams the very moment he got the blessings of Sango in addition to the final blessings from the Iku Baba Yeye himself, Alaafin Lamidi Adeyemi. He was thereafter proclaimed the new Aare Ona Kakanfo with full traditional rights and privileges by Alaafin Oba Adeyemi. As a matter of fact, it should be noted that the rites of passage Aare Gani Adams undertook before becoming the Kakanfo should be considered far more intense and comprehensive compared to some major Obas in Yoruba land.

History has it that Kakanfo is qualified to lord his authority over four administrative corners to which the Yoruba empire was divided into for easy administration. Some of the principal 16 chiefs of Aare Ona Kakanfo are the Otun Aare, Osi Aare, Bashorun Aare, Jagun Aare, Agbakin, Olorogun and Aare-Ago. All the 16 chiefs of Aare Ona Kakanfo are collectively known as the Esos, which means an elite group of fearless warriors that defended their realms and quarters and are answerable to the Generalissimo. Although, the Esos of Aare Ona Kakanfo are by extension answerable to the the Alaafin who is the imperial king of empire.

The Chiefs making up the Council of Aare Ona Kakanfo are chosen on accounts of their displayed valor and bravery. The Council members of Kakanfo are also chosen based on their loyalty to defending the Yoruba space in line with what is expected from the brave and Eso that knows his or her onions. Barrister Kayode Ajulo who is to be installed as the Mayegun and other chiefs of Aare Ona Kakanfo are being rewarded only for merit and their selection is far from being on account of social standing.

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