zahra-buhari-and-ahmed-indimiFor the second time, the wedding of Zahra Buhari,  the President’s daughter has been moved forward.

According to the latest reports,  the wedding has now been moved to 16th December,  2016.

Though sources did not tell us the reasons behind the new postponement,  it is believed to be at the behest of the family of the bride who believe that everything should be done according to their own beliefs and I’m their own terms.

Abujareporters gathered that the new date is Sacrosant and would not be changed again.

In all, the Presidency is said to be wary of any negative media attention that could arise from the wedding programmes rather than the wedding itself and it is this that has become an issue in the circles of the very few that have been saddled with the task of putting the event together.

Indeed,  left for the President,  Zahra,  after the wedding Fatiha should just go to her husband’s house, but the two families are not comfortable with this at all. And they are willing to do anything to ensure that the event is well-celebrated. This is more so that Zahra herself, who is close to her father has made him to realise that whatever he needs to do it whatever measures they need to put in place,  she would abide by it just to ensure that the event is well-celebrated. Sources gathered that fifth columnists and spoilers have continued to raise alarm over ostentatious display of wealth, offensively profane things that could happen and the damage that such could do to the President’s political and social status and this has been a major problem.

Based on this,  it was decided that the event would  be essentially a family affair with little or no outside components.

As at this morning,  whether or not all the four parties earlier arranged would still take place was still being discussed.

Recall that the President’s wife,  Aisha who is the mother of the bride was supposed to hold a party at the Banquet hall of the Presidential Villa before another one organised by the wife of the Senate President and finally the last party to be hosted by the groom’s family, all in Abuja before another one in Maiduguri.

One new feature of the plans now is that no cameras would be allowed at the venues of the events. Phones would also not be allowed.  This, we gathered, is a fallout of the 54million NAIRA Louis Vuitton bags issue which had given some people sleepless nights in the Villa.

While all these measures are coming from the bride’s family,  on the groom’s side,  there have been no murmurs as they wait batedly to have their cherished prize.

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