Gov – Almakura Exposed as the organizer and Financier of Herdsmen killings in Benue and environs

Investigative reports corroborated by the born again Governor of Benue State; Samuel Ortom clearly evidences the evil and clandestine activities of Governor Almakura of Nasarawa State in the genocidal killings ravaging Benue and environs. The investigations revealed sordid tales of how Almakura who prides himself as the untouchable political son of President Buhari and the Gamji (Defender of the Caliphate) in this era, has been masterminding the fulani killing feast since assuming office as governor of nasarawa state.

“According to statements made by arrested killers Almakura’s involvement is in adherence to the much revered jihad creed of the Hausa Fulani system as passed onto its adherents by Othman Dan Fodio who died and was burried in Sokoto Nigeria. These revelations were obtained from some of the arrested killer herdsmen who are curently in the net of the native Benue communities. They made explicit exposition of Almakura’s heinous plots.

The confessional statements also pointed to one Barrister Mohammed Abdullahi(Almakura’s SSG who doubles as his chief executioner). Barrister Abdullahi is said to be in active charge of the programe in terms of organizing their arms, their importation, camping and training as well as mobility during operations. On several occasions villagers in Benue have sighted a helicopter which drops batches of these janjaweed killers on target areas and whose description fits exactly with the famous TAAL helicopter which ferries Almakura around the immediate environs regularly. They also mentioned the Emir of Wamba in Nasarawa State who oversees the camping of these killer herdsmen brought in from the Chad basin to hideouts in his territory. The statements revealed several other actors including one Ambassador Musa Ilu who is reputed to be in the inner cycle of Almakura’s occult of terrorism.

It will be recalled that this is not the first time Almakura is being revealed as the arrowhead of terror activities. When he was faced with indisputable evidence of monetary gifts, he admited hosting the dreaded but disbanded Ombatse cult to a victory dinner at the Government House Lafia, where he gave them One Million Naira for refreshment. He was instrumental to the seting up and financing of the then ombatse which operated as his ethnic militia for the intimidation of electorates and enforcement of his election in 2011.

In the wake of this ugly revelation of Almakura’s flagship programme of genocide in the Benue belt, well meaning Nigerians and citizens of Benue, Nasarawa and environs must rise up and call for the immediate arrest and banishment of Tanko Almakura and his occult of terror within Nasarawa State and other hausa fulani collaborators within the country such as the nefarious Governor El Rufai of kaduna state. Untill the people rise up to the occasion and banish these adherents of Jihad from their territories, the killings will never cease.

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