Internet publication “the Sun” published a photo and video of a happy black couple holding in their arms a white infant girl. The miracle of the arrival of a blond baby with blue eyes in a black family from Nigeria puzzled both parents and scientists. A new-born white girl is not an albino. Parents do not have white ancestors. What kind of the mutation of the genes has happened and given the black parent white baby with blue eyes?

Black couple gives birth to a white baby

The black couple calls their white baby a small miracle, she was given the name Nmachi, which is translated from the Igbo language as “Beauty of God”. The scientists do not believe in miracles, so the phenomenon of this little “miracle” became a scientific challenge for them.

Doctors have confirmed that the child was not an albino. The skin and eye color are regulated by the pigment melanin, humans have about a dozen genes that determine the amount and type of melanin. Since the child is not an albino, from the standpoint of genetics, probably black parents have white parentage.

Black couple gives birth to a white baby

Of the skin color are responsible seven different genes. If one parent has in his/her genes both white and the dark color, the child may be born as a white and dark. It happens that the sperm and egg carry the gene for only one color, and then the child would have the color of its parents. Therefore, in 2006 a British couple of “mixed” parents gave birth to twins girls, one of which was born the dark, and the second – white. In this case, all is understandable, even though the chance was one in a billion because the mothers of the parents were white, and the fathers – dark.

The newborn Nmachi could be the result of genetic mutation, then her mutated genes will be passed to the next generation, and Ben’s and Angela’s grandchildren probably also will be white. In addition, before passive for long period “white” genes could appear, which passed from descent to descent, and remained undetected. Take into account that Nmachi is not an albino, genetics also suggested that the girl was born in a certain mutated genetic state, but eventually, her skin may darken.

Black couple gives birth to a white baby

The child’s parents were sure that they did not have white ancestry. Parents of a white Nigerian girl come from Nigeria and moved to England 5 years ago. In Nigeria, miscegenation is a rare phenomenon, and the girl’s parents claim that they did not have white ancestors. The photograph shows the contrast of the color of parents, two older children and a newborn white girl.

Oxford University professor, a leading British expert in geneticist Bryan Sykes has emphasized the birth of a white baby from black parents as an extraordinary phenomenon. According to his standpoint, the parents would have white ancestors, so they could pass the white genes to their child. Professor Bryan Sykes drew attention to the extra ordinal blond hair of the girl. Not every blonde child has such white hair aborning.

As per the opinion of the expert geneticist, the high probable reasoning for the birth of a white baby in a black family is some unknown mutation.

Bryan Sykes admits, “The rules of genetics are complex and we still do not understand what happens in many cases.”

The possibility of the marital infidelity was the rejected by the family man.

Mr. Igegboro said: “Of course she is mine. My wife is true to me. Even if she hadn’t been, the baby wouldn’t have looked like that!”

There is no a clear answer until now, the only one thing is obvious Nmachi is a real miracle to her parents and will remain so.


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