imageThe Anambra Youth for Better Tomorrow (AYBT) has lauded the magnanimity of Chief Franklin Okigbo, Chairman of Frank Okigbo Foundation who returned home from abroad recently for his efforts at planning to give back to the people of his constituency through his empowerment activities for youths and widows.

The group met with the Diaspora in Abuja to commend his efforts and like Oliver Twist, ask for more. President of the group, Chibuzor Obi told pressmen at the parley that there is need for Anambra citizens who have sojourned abroad to come back home and assist the people to develop their potentials. He said that his group would like Okigbo to consider scholarship scheme for youths who are unable to afford the funding of their education as a priority stating that, if the youths are backward educationally, there is no hope for the future of the state.

Responding, Franklin Okigbo thanked the group and stressed that his foundation would do everything within its power to create skill acquisition centers, provide a thrift technology management center and health delivery services as part of his contributions to his constituency.

He implored the youths to use every opportunity within their reach creatively well, in order to improve their well-being; stressing that crime is no longer fashionable.

“I have come home to serve my people in whatever capacity I am called upon to do so”, Okigbo promised the group.

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