This is one of the biggest scam of our time. Operating undercover on telegram under the group name “we are wealth united”, miss Jojo Osagie aka mama wealth and Mr Marlon Deinmodei, scammed hundreds of Nigerians within a short period of time.

In just over one week, they had made over 5 million naira from their scam ponzi site by deceiving the unsuspecting public with the promise of 100% return on investment in just 72 hours, with a #5,000 naira ” tithe” as I like to describe it, deposited into a central account before one could receive payment.

At first, people got paid, but that as usual is the modus operandi of all ponzi schemes, just to attract more investors before they finally strike.

It finally happened this evening around 4:30pm when after matching those in the group with her friends and village people to get paid, she deleted the group and hasn’t replied messages on her personal chat ever since.

Their Facebook page has been raining with insults and curses from angry participants ever since. These people are so wicked and heartless and all the curses laid on them will surely follow them.

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