The police in Adamawa State have arrested popular Hausa musician, Ado Daukaka, barely 24 hours after he regained freedom from his abductors.
Though the police claimed he was only “invited” to clarify issues regarding his abduction, family sources said the musician was taken to the police headquarters following a complaint lodged by the lawmaker representing Yola North in the state House of Assembly, Suleiman Alkali.
The legislator reportedly complained about a song released by Mr. Daukaka that centered on corruption and inefficiency, which the lawmaker claimed was aimed at ridiculing him.
The singer was later granted bail on the condition that he reports back on Monday.
Activists and family say Mr. Daukaka’s initial abduction was as a result of the song he released condemning the level of corruption in the state.
The chairman of the Adamawa Concern Citizen a pressure group, Hussaini Bello, condemned the arrest.
‘’The way and manner things are happening will not augur well for the state. They just want to intimidate those that are criticising the charade playing out in the state,” Mr. Bello said.
“We had earlier condemned the abduction of this famous singer, not to talk of the unjust arrest as we will not relent in investigating the matter and whoever that has hand in it must be exposed.
‘’In our society singers use their God-given talents to capture the mood of the society, the songs sometimes don’t go down well with those in power except if the singer praises them,’’ he said.
When contacted by phone, the state police spokesman, Othman Abubakar, said the singer “was just invited to clarify some gray areas concerning his abduction.
‘’You know, he was weak when he was found and brought to the state police headquarters so we feel he should be allowed to go to his family.
‘’Well, if there was complaint against him by the lawmaker that’s is a different matter entirely,’’ said the police spokesman.
The lawmaker, Mr. Alkali confirmed the arrest, adding that, “Yes, it’s true that he was detained at the police headquarters following the complaint I lodged.
‘’I lodged complaint against him, this is because they were peddling rumour that I have hand in his abduction.
‘’Firstly, I want him to explain to the police whether he was actually abducted or he ran and hid somewhere.
‘’Secondly, there was defamation of character against me in the song he composed that I built a brothel and was chasing women.
‘’So, because he pretend to the police that he was sick and that’s why he was released on bail,” said Mr. Alkali.

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