In defiant to the criticisms against violation of rule of law in the fight against corruption, the All Progressives Congress (APC) Wednesday stated that the government cannot effectively fight corruption with adherence to the rule of law.segun-oni
The party’s Deputy National Chairman (South), Engr. Segun Oni also stated that no proof of corruption allegations against any member of the party.
He said: “Anybody with corruption proof against any APC member should bring it forward”.
Asked to comment on the allegations that the present government was fighting the corruption war without due process, Oni said: “If the  rule of law is left to be what it is and nothing is happening can you achieve anything?
If you leave this war in the hands of people who would not be able to prosecute it, it means we are giving up and God forbid that we should fail. People who are talking about rule of law and so on, how much have we achieved by rule of law? Are they saying there is no corruption? If there is corruption, what has been achieved in stopping it? Or we should now say we cannot stop it then we should institutionalize it. At one stage, there must be a stop.
“In  Ghana, Rawlings applied a measure. God forbid that in Nigeria here we should leave things until people get so frustrated. It must not continue; things cannot continue the way it is, everybody knows the corrupt people, but everybody is keeping their voices low. Don’t lawyers know corrupt judges? Don’t judges also know corrupt judges? What we are trying to do now is to prevent the alternative, which is the collapse of the whole system, people taking laws into their hands.
“If the NJC has been able to deal with the issue of corruption decisively in such a way that people are very confident that it would be done, I am sure this would probably not be necessary, but not much has been done, people are frustrated, the whole system is complaining. I want to see how Nigerian judges or Nigerian lawyers or Nigerian practitioners of anything could raise their hands and say, there is no corruption, nobody has defended the system so far, even the CJN has not defended the system to say there is no corruption, what people are talking about is how we are going about it. Yes, let them come up with alternative ways of achieving that, we assure you we will fish out all corrupt people out of this system within six months and they would be out.
Give us this time, then there would be no need for any extra measures, but if we don’t have such of an assurance from anywhere we have to continue to do what we believe is a right way to go about it. This is an extra-ordinary circumstance and people should see it as such”.

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