A 26-year-old student of Kwara State  Polytechnic, Ilorin, Kwara State, Aminat Sodiq, has prayed a Grade ‘C’ customary court sitting at Inalende, Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State, to dissolve the seven-year-old marriage between her and her husband, Abeeb Sodiq, 39 years, because she is no longer satisfied with the man’s behaviour.

“My husband married me as a Christian. When my mother died, he did not allow me to attend her funeral service in the church but I did otherwise. When I came back from the service, he told me to pack out.

Meanwhile, he had already packed out my belongings but my neighbours begged him.

“Anytime we had a misunderstanding, he would bring out bottles and knife to threaten me.

“My mother was a food vendor before she died. After her death, my elder sister took over the business and my child was staying with her in the shop. However, my husband said I had dropped his daughter under bridge and he later took custody of her for about three years.

“My husband did not give me access to the child since he took her away from me. I got tired of this unfair attitude and decided to take a court action.”

Aminat, however, told the court that she did not inform Abeeb’s parents of his action and they were not also aware when she moved out of the house. When the court asked her about the steps she took with her sister when her husband took away her child, Aminat said: “I called after a year but he said I should not call him again.  My sister [also] called me on phone to inform me since she knew him as the father of the child.”

Abeeb, while responding to all accusations levelled against him by his wife, admitted Aminat said all about their marriage.

He said: “I rented a shop for her but whenever I went there, I would not meet her but my child only. Before she gave birth to the child, she had made an attempt to abort the pregnancy and her complaint then was that I always loved to trouble her.

“About the church service [for Aminat’s late mother], she knew my culture before marrying me but when I was advised by elders, I went to  beg her family and I allowed her to go, I even followed her.  Aside this, I bought a wall clock for the church as a remembrance of the mother’s death.

“Aminat suddenly packed out of the house and I did could find her. After three weeks, I went to her sister at Mokola Roundabout where I found my daughter. She later came home and I pleaded with her from 1:00am till 4:00am but all to no avail because at dawn, she started packing her belongings. One of my brothers came to beg her. I also called our Alfa to plead with her but she insisted on leaving. She started begging me after two years that she had left my house to allow me see her daughter. I begged her because of the love I had for her to the extent that I knelt down for her. She cheated on me after all I have done for her.”

The court said that it was obvious that the marriage between Abeeb and Aminat had broken down irreparably and that there was no more love between them.

President of the court, Mr Ramoni Olafenwa, then dissolved the marriage contracted about seven years ago. “The defendant is to take care of the child in terms of education, health, moral and financial grounds and the parties are to keep the peace.”

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