imageOfficials of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS), Lagos State, have arrested three suspected armed robbers, who used to pose as Lagos State government officials to dispossess people of their valuables.

The suspects, Chima Joseph (24), Hassan Adamu (34) and Ibietan Oluwaseyi (41), were arrested after dragging their victim, Idi Musa, from the expressway into the bush, where they robbed him of his money and belongings. After the arrest, police recovered two master keys from them.

One of the suspects, Joseph, from whom the master keys were recovered, claimed he found the keys on the ground and that he was looking for a place to put them for people to see. One of the keys, when tested, opened the doors of two Toyota Camry cars, Toyota Corolla car and a Honda car.

The suspects were alleged to be part of those who used to terrorise passers- by and motorists whose vehicles develop fault near Otedola Estate on the Lagos- Ibadan Expressway. Musa, who was in Lagos for the first time, said he was on his way to Apapa from Borno State to meet his brother.

He said: “I alighted at Ojodu Berger to walk from the bus stop to Ojota. As I walked down the road towards the bridge (Otedola), I heard somebody calling from the bush, Aboki! Aboki come. I ignored the call because I did not know them.

Before now, I have been warned to mind my business when in Lagos. “As I continued my journey, two of them ran after me. They held me by my trousers and dragged me into the bush. They beat me several times before searching my pockets and luggage. They took N3,000 from me.

“After collecting my money, one of them threatened me. He said he was a Lagos State government official and if I ever come back there, they would arrest and send me back to my village.” After Musa was released by the suspects, he spotted ab RRS vehicle and dashed over to narrate his encounter with the men. The RRS men combed the bush and arrested the suspects.

The police said: “The RRS’s surveillance teams have been on the lookout for robbers who had been terrorising people during traffic congestion in that area. More than four people have been arrested for robbing road users along that route.”

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