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Awka – The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has said that an arrest warrant would soon be issued on former Inspector-General of Police, Solomon Ehigiator Arase, by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for presiding over brutal killings of unarmed members of the group.
It will be recalled that IPOB on Thursday issued an order urging “Biafrans all over the world including those residing in Nigeria to keep a 24-hour searchlight on the movements of the retired Police boss.
On Friday, the spokesman of the group, Clifford Iroanya, told Independent “our lawyer at ICC is processing the warrant order. Once that order is obtained, we will publicise it and execute the order wherever Arase is found including Nigeria. If Buhari refuses, he will be joined in the warrant order.”
Meanwhile, in Onitsha, a human rights group, International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law (Intersociety), has condemned President Buhari’s conduct and behavior towards civil disorder in peace time in Nigeria.
In a statement issued by the chairman of the group, Comrade Emeka Umeagbalasi, it noted that in conducting its internal conflict, Nigeria must be guided by the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 or Protection of Civilian Persons in time of War.
It said: “Where violent assemblies are organized such as riots, State is mandated by UN “to use force only to minimum extent necessary”.
According to Umeagbalasi, even “a violent person bearing automatic weapon loaded with live bullets and corked cannot be shot deadly or terminally by a security officer in a bid to disarm him or her except if he or she points it in the direction of the security officer with intent to shoot and kill him or her.
“This is not to talk of situations during IPOB and Shiite Muslim Sect nonviolent and unarmed rallies under reference during which Buhari’s security forces, led by Lt Gen Turkur Buratai and ex IGP, Solomon Arase opened fire on those that gathered unarmed; encircled in rings, singing and clapping; sleeping in the Church Primary School; running away for safety from hell of fired live bullets; and lying in their hospital beds, receiving emergency medical attentions.
“Most of them were killed after being shot at their waists, chests, backs, foreheads, stomachs, necks, private parts, eyes, heads, etc, while dozens more miraculously survived after they were shot and wounded at their terminal regions”.
Umeagbalsi said that till date, the Federal Government of Nigeria has failed woefully to provide credible evidence of the Shiite Muslim sect and the Pro-Biafra agitators taking up arms against the government of Nigeria.
“Not even a single soul linked with or traced to Shiite Muslim sect or Pro Biafra agitation group like IPOB, has been caught by the Buhari administration bearing any illicit automatic weapon till date; not to talk of showing any credible evidence of warfare combats between the Nigerian security forces and the Shiite Muslim sect or Pro Biafra agitators in Nigeria or any part thereof,” he said.
“At a time like this, when the country seems to be disunited, our party should be united to provide alternative leadership for the people of Nigeria.
“That is the path of honour. That is the only path that can bring genuine reconciliation and save the party.
“I strongly believe that in the final analysis, reason will prevail and all stakeholders in our democratic project including the INEC and Judiciary will resolve this matter on the side of truth, and constitutionality to ensure that the obvious wishes of the majority 0f PDP members prevails”
He also advised his former principal to show remose and clear the doubt some party members are having about him as an agent of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) sent to destroy the PDP.
“I don’t want to believe the rumour of show of desperation by the former Chairman. I don’t want to believe it.
“The insinuation in some quarters that the former chairman is being used as mercenary of APC government should be proved wrong because I know that the former Chairman is an experienced politician with integrity
“Honestly speaking, the convention is the highest structure of the party and its decision is final.
“Therefore, I call on the former chairman to do the most honourable thing and submit to the authority of the convention and work with the rest of the stakeholders to move our party forward” he added.
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