As DSP Omo-Agege gives his highest traditional greetings to President Buhari

*A man with a true sense of justice and fairness will always rise against injustice and impunity. *

These were the natural instincts and guiding principles that led Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege (also a seasoned lawyer) to humbly question the arrogance of the 8th Senate leadership to violate the constitution of the land for selfish ambitions, including trying to illegally amend the constitution in a last minute attempt to reorder the sequence of the last general elections to allow them, and state governors hold elections before the president’s. This, and only this is what led to the persecution of Omo-Agege by Saraki’s draconian iron rod.

Like former senate leader, Ndume, Omo-Agege was summarily and illegally suspended for 180 days (6mths) just for voicing a legally sound opinion from the exact wordings of the constitution that states that a law should not be made to target an individual. There is even a similar provision in the Laws of the United States.

However, upon request by the APC Senate house leader, Omo-Agege, in submission to party authority, swallowed his pride, and proffered an apology on the open floor of the Senate- specifically, to anyone who may have been offended by his statement. Yet, in total disregard of this show of respect and camaraderie, Senate President Saraki still went ahead and suspended Omo-Agege, thereby depriving the great Urhobo Nation and constituents of Delta Central representation in the 8th Senate. Well, What happened thereafter, is now history.

The reason for this brief recollection is to say something about the caliber and integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari as a person. Sen. Omo-Agege, together with a parliamentary group that was formed by the ruling party APC senators went headlong to fight not only for the sanctity of the constitution, integrity of the hallowed Chambers, but the position of the leader of the ruling party – Mr. President himself.

For Omo-Agege, the fight became personal – he was attacked from every angle by the powerful and overreaching arms of the Senate presidency. Yet like David, he stood firm with God, exceptional legal strategic skills, and admirable political savviness to deliver not only himself, but the joint integrity of the Senate, Presidency, and the party (APC).
This, and only this act of courage to fight and defeat injustice and impunity, is what won him the respect and admiration of his colleagues, the party, the presidency and the average Nigerian man, woman, and youths on the street!

However, on a personal note, suffice it to say – *it takes one brave man to appreciate the bravery of another* This, and the fact that Omo-Agege’s fight had been unreasonably turned into a personal one whereby he was even accused of fighting as though the president is his “uncle”, with all kinds of persecution and insults rained on him – was what made this matter of national interest, and gradually endeared Sen. Omo-Agege to President Buhari, and indeed all his supporters alike.

Mr. President, a man of honor and integrity understood Omo-Agege’s fight, and appreciated his courage and loyalty. To this end, he fervently wished and hoped that the robust quality representation and contribution Omo-Agege brought to the nation’s National Assembly would continue. And yes, he did not hide his desires to see a humble and courageous man who was singularly persecuted for defending the TRUTH, who defied all odds and staunch opposition in a non- APC controlled state to win re-election – take a leadership role in the National Assembly.

So, on a personal note, both President Muhammadu Buhari and Deputy Sen. President Omo-Agege appreciate one another because they understand the courage it takes to stand up for truth and the persecution that comes with fighting injustice and impunity.

By Adenisi Yusuf

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