When after the APC primaries in 2014 he didn’t leave the party, not a few people were surprised that Turaki Adamawa was willing to wait and bid his time in APC in spite of his age. He had been tagged the man to beat in the primaries and it was obvious that he tried his best.
Again he surprised many by putting his own structures especially in Adamawa his home state and other northern countries to use for Buhari.

images-154He was only playing the loyal party man. At a point when the rumour mill came up with the story that he was not viable with the presidential campaign team of the party. he had his own reasons
Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President has built a reputation that is difficult to deny in Nigerian politics. He has friends across ethnic and religious boundaries and you cannot pin him down with the bigotry that is easily associated with many political leaders today. He has consistently since the last primaries been liking his political machine.
When the President picked his spokesperson, Garba Shehu as his media aide he quickly got another capable hand. To him, image matters a lot.  Over the last one user or so, he has been very visible and also active. It was as if he knew that 2019 would soon be around the corner and he needed to ensure that he was more prepared. He has been there to offer a helping hand to the government,  he was on hand to receive his friend Jacob Zuma when the latter came visiting Nigeria. He has also shied away from criticising  the government even though he might not have agreed with some of their policies.
At each point and with every opportunity he has not failed to identify with the  common people thereby making some of his friends in power angry.  This perhaps must have explained his decision weeks ago to personally chair the presentation of a book on Biafra. At a time when not many people within the ruling APC would dare talk about it, Atiku came out to say that there was the need to tinker with the way the federation called Nigeria. To him, we should reexamine our being together and renegotiate it to make it stronger.
The issues he raised rattled the north as well as the government but it also struck a cord with those who have been looking for a Nigerian of his status to throw the issue back into the socio-political domain and Atiku did just that.  The government quickly told him that it was not necessary and not possible.
Even though he is not in power. there are a few Nigerians who can.match him of a presidential election were to hold in three months.He ha she structure and the money.
He has been the driving force behind some of the Northern governors especially those of Kogi, Adamawa. Sokoto and Bauchi. The Adamawa governor did not mince words when he told everyone at a forum after he was sworn in that Atiku Abubakar ‘s money won him the elections.
Presently the businessman  politician has been involved in a multibillion  Naira project. It is his own satellite television station which is expected to take off soon. Over 200billion Naira has been sunk in and more is still being expended. it is expected to be the biggest thing in broadcasting in Africa. The project is expected to rival if not dwarf DSTV. It woul not be a surprise  if the project plays a major role in 2019 elections. The APC structure as it is is  has many contending forces hence the decision  not to have a Board of Trustees which would have meant a clash between Atiku and Tinubu.
Whether the former Lagos state governor would allow Atiku to be a presidential candidate in a party where he holds high stake is another thing. From the look of politics today, few candidates can match Atiku”s preparedness to launch at the nation’s topmost seat even as at now. –

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