Beggars besiege Niger Governor Lodge

 Beggars, mostly women and children now maintain permanent presence close to the Niger state Governor’s lodge, which serves as temporary residence of Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, our correspondent observed.

The numbers of beggars especially within the state capital of Minna reportedly swells as a result of disturbances in some states within the North west, which shares border with Niger, while some Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) from the troubled North east also find safe haven in the state.

Some of them take strategic position at every intersection within Minna town on daily basis, where they take advantage of the traffic lights to solicit for alms from motorists and passengers, while others, especially women take position near worship centres and walkways.

However, our correspondent observed that some of the beggars find the government Reservation Area (GRA) more lucrative during the Ramadan and still maintain spots few days after the Edi-elfitr celebration.

Two groups always stationed themselves between the Presidential lodge and the Governor’s lodge, while another group maintain presence besides the Governor’s lodge close the state emergency management agency.

Some of the beggars told our correspondent that they the new environment was safer and residences more generous.

Hauwawu Sulieman from Zamfara was seen cuddling her teenage son Awalu shortly the rain eases yesterday.

She said she relocated to Minna with her mate, Maryam after losing their husbands in an attack by bandits.

She said they stayed in an uncompleted building near Kasuwa Gwari within the metropolis, where they normally take spot in front of the Central Mosque for alms.

She said they started visiting the GRA following information from some beggar colleagues that the area was lucrative.

She appealed to Governor Sani Bello to rehabilitate some of them who would want to discontinue the vocation.

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