images-36Former chief security officer (CSO) to late Head of State, General Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha has criticised the anti-corruption project of the President Muhammadu Buhari administration saying that it leaves much to be seen, The Sun reports.
Al-Mustapha who spoke to journalist in Abuja at the after an award as the Grand Commandant of the Rescue And Guard Response Initiative (RAGRI) noted also that the challenge of insurgency in the country calls for more retrospection to resolve the security challenges.
Mustapha who was one of the 21 persons honoured by the Rescue and Guard Response Initiative said at the moment the entire effort at fighting corruption is limited to only financial aspect of the Nigerian life as against the various other forms of corruption that should be combated alongside.
According to the intelligence officer, who said he was speaking as a citizen of Nigeria, he said the whole effort may only fetch the federal government a little success whilst it put in so much resources and energy to do the fight corruption it is working at nothing as the plans required for success in but lacking.
“Fundamentally before you fight corruption, there are vices you must consider. These should be at the planning stage.
“We are handling only one aspect of corruption. Remember there is corruption in every sphere and affairs of our lives.
“We are talking of financial corruption if that is the war; there are many measures to take. That is what I hope to see first on the ground before confronting corruption because you can actually work if you don’t plan it, you will be fetching little indeed you are sweating doing Nothing,” Al- Mustapha stated.
He pointed out that combating insurgency in the country would require the harvest of the youth, whose brains and minds must be moulded towards gainful ventures such as the Rescue And Guard Response Initiative and even religious organisation for profit to community and society as the youth comprised the ready army for such destructive ventures.
He pointed out that whilst the country can boast of its various security and para-military institution, the role of a body such as RAGRI which is strictly focused at rescue of Nigerians from precarious situation was indeed commendable.
He argued that no security agency is big enough to secure Nigeria but the activities of such institution would further reduce their operational distractions and streng

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