Human rights lawyer, Jiti Ogunye has warned prominent Nigerians from seeking medical aid abroad instead of fixing the health system in Nigeria
-Ogunye said it is abnormal to find prominent Nigerians dying abroad when they fall sick

 He called for a quick look into the bad health system that is seeing brilliant medical practitioner run abroad for better opportunities

A Lagos-based human rights lawyer, Jiti Ogunye has faulted President Muhammadu Buhari’s decision to seek medical attention outside the country.

Ogunye who spoke during a live political programme on Channels TV during a live political program on Channels TV said Nigerians have the necessary intelligence and knowledge required to take care of the President and most brilliant doctors outside the country are Nigerians frustrated out of the country by situation in the nation.

Qgunye lamented that most prominent Nigerians go abroad for medical treatment instead of fixing the country’s health care delivery system that is in shambles, Daily Post reports.

Why do prominent Nigerians seek medical help abroad, it’s not normal – Ogunye

He said: “I have always maintained the view that medical knowledge is almost universal. Nigerians are trained here and are hired overseas to perform great medical feats.

“So, medical knowledge is universal. What is different is medical infrastructure. So, if what I have said is valid, why then can’t Nigeria get the best medical infrastructure here and then ensure that you get medical care here?

“Our people too often are dying in India now. It is not necessary. The former minister of Information, Dora Akunyili, died in India. Maryam Babangida, ‎Ambassador Matthew Mbu, Governor Abdulkadir Kure, Aluko and so many of them died like that. Why should we go to countries with freezing temperature and say that we want to seek medical help? It is abnormal.

“If things were normal in the country, if we have succeeded in putting our acts together, the President of Nigeria ought not to be out of the shores of the country receiving medical attention.

“Field Castro was ill to such an extent that he relinquished power to his brother – Raul Castro, and never left Cuba, which is a small country of about 10 million people. We can have other examples.

“The idea that Nigerians should seek medical refuge elsewhere is disconcerting. It establishes and reinforces the fact that our health care delivery system is in shambles. And, every year we talk about equipping Aso Rock clinic with billions and billions of Naira.

“So, if we were a normal people, our president has no business going outside the country to seek medical help. It is abnormal.”

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