By Akin Orimolade.


Bridget Torbua Igbauke, the Nigerian version of American Rev. Martin Luther King Jnr and President John F. Kennedy,was unambigous in her welcome speech at the launch of the Political Ideology,Principles and Policies of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Igbauke,the Director-General,Good Leadership Support Organisation (GLSO) , yesterday.
She said; “there’s nothing we have never achieve when we set our minds to do it and do it together”. For the Nation to move to the promised land, she insisted that Nigerians must change their mindset, their thinking ,perception and attitude towards government policies.
Igbauke spoke at the launch of President Buhari’s Political Ideology,Principles and Policies attended by the Chairman All Progressives Congress (APC) National Caretaker Committee and Extraordinary National Convention, Alhaji Mai Mala Buni, the Party’s Secretary,SenatorAkpan Udoudeghe, Former Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, Former National Broadcasting Commission (NBC),Dr. Danladi Bako,Dr. Abubakar Manga ,Alhaji Hussain Abubakar and Mr. Udeme Ekott,Esq. who represented APC National Caretaker Committee Chairman and Secretary.
According to her, the Political Ideology, Principles and Policies of President Buhari led government is not a One-Size-Fit-All of an Ideology, stressing that it has taken all the advantages of Socialism and the advantages of Capitalism and bringing them to the Centre of the political spectrum called The Third Way Principle and locking out the disadvantages of Capitalism and Socialism. Stressing that this was first practiced by the government of Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister.
She said the Political Ideology, Principles and Policies of President Buhari is double berrel – tested and universal adding that it is a safety net and a spring board to reaching greater heights in life.
Specifically,Igbauke argued that all the mechanism at  breaking the chains of poverty has been laid bare on the table of Social Justice for everyone to access, without prejudice to one’s gender, religion,eth icity, beliefs and Creed.
Analysing President Buhari’s 9-point agenda- Access to quality education,affordable health care and productivity of Nigerians,sustainable economy,enhanced social inclusion and reduced poverty,enhanced food security through a robust agricultural output,expand business growth, entrepreneurship and industrialization,build a system to fight corruption,improve government and creat social cohesion,improve security for all and attain energy sufficiency in power and expand transport and other infrastructural development , would make Nigeria compete favourably in the comity of nations.
Speaking on the advantages of President Buhari’s Political Ideology, Igbauke said it is a sine quo non to good governance,most visible thread that runs through the tapestry of political parties and the light they shines unto the path of politicians.
She said Buhari’s Political Ideology would cement the relationship between the government and governed,reduce llitical violence because arguments would be based on ideological lines rather than resorting to fisticuffs,gives electorates privy to the intents of political parties and their aspirants and discourages money politics.
Igbauke, however cautioned the ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) that the challenges the party faced  in 2015 and2019 general elections is different today. “The times are different,the variables are different,permutation and combinations are different. Therefore,a careful assessment towards the road to 2023 would require different applications and strategies.
She promised that GLSO would inform the public about President Buhari’s Political Ideology , Principles and policies,his development projects and programmes since most programmes could be new to the people at the grassroots and properly inform the populace about events and happenings in the country.
She commended President Buhari for establishing the disability Commission,constructing a human centered development and for inaugurating the tripartite consultative committee and the sussesses recorded by the Presidential Task Force on Covid 19.
In a lecture titled;”Is affordable health care possible in Nigeria”, the former Minister of Health, )rof. Chukwu said it was possible to provide affordable health care which Nigerians seriously need adding that although Nigeria have sufficient health care facilities,many of the facilities are not functional.
Prof. Chukwu said government should make health insurance compulsory, implement National Health Act  and pay subventions to Mission hospitals.
While acknowledging the fact that Nigeria does not have enough doctors to take care of patients in hospitals, he advocated that doctors should be made to experience rural posting.
He commended President Buhari for having the political will to continue some of the projects his administration inherited stressing they Nigerians should leverage on this and capitalize on it.

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