CBN Human Resources Director, Chizoba Mojekwu demoted…

She was in charge of Human Resources for some years. Her stay power seems to have derived from the fact that she claimed she had a special relationship with the immediate past Secretary to the Government of the Federation. Chizoba Mojekwu ran the Central Bank ‘s Human Resources department like her own personal fiefdom. She was alleged to have collected money running into millions for training abroad, claiming that she would attend about twenty training courses. She never attended more than five. Rather, she pocketed the money. She has since been forced to make refunds.
HRDWhen last year, the organization blew over seven hundred million Naira on trainings that were organized outside its own training school, tongues wagged. It was obvious some people were out to fleece the department. Fingers were pointed at her. The courses which she organized were ordinarily courses that the CBN Training School could easily have handled. They had the facilities and they also had the resource persons or at worst they could have brought such resource persons in and cut costs by more than half. Mojekwu had her own plans. At the end of the programme, everyone knew that the whole thing was a sham. But who would kick against her?
Her cup seemed to have been full weeks back after she posted out some line directors such as Assistant Directors without the consent and approval of their supervising Directors. gathered that the supervising Directors felt miffed with the affront. How could she have moved not just senior staff but staff whose ranks were close to hers without informing the supervising authority and also informing management before taking the decisions? They also accused her of tinkering with the organization ‘s pension fund. Obviously, her godfathers could not saved her as she has since been moved to the bank’s training arm as the head. While she presided over the Human Resources department as Director, she ensured that bank staff who wanted to write promotional examinations wrote about six different tests while new intakes into the bank wrote only two, a situation which irked bank staff who believe that new intakes should be subjected to more rigorous tests than old staff.

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