A promoter of the beauty of Northern/Middlebelt Nigerian peoples sent in this. Obviously they are his own people

This thread is focused on the ladies from the central northern part of the country, (Jos-Plateau and Southern Kaduna in particular).
I have observed that most southerners do not know how to differentiate the people of the Core-north/ middlebelt, especially those of us from the upper parts of the middlebelt who understand hausa. They usually generalize the whole north/middlebelt as hausa.

Well i guess this thread and subsequent threads of middlebelt beauties by states will help southerners to be able to differentiate us based on our looks and physical attributes. grin.
Yes, we may all be politically classified as north and may have many similarities with hausa-fulanis, but we still have our own uniqueness just like the Igbos are different from the South-south minority people even though they share so many similarities with each other.

One may wonder why the joint-tag identity (Plateau and southern kaduna)?
Well, the people of Jos-Plateau and Southern kaduna have been known to have the same history and origins (Nok) and similar cultures and dialects. We have overtime developed into a mix of similar people only divided by colonial history and political classifications just like the Akwa-Ibom and Cross river people.

Together, we (Jos and South Kaduna people) form the largest bloc of middlebelt minorities with approximately 10 million people and also the largest population of Christians in the Northern part of Nigeria as most of us were converted to Christianity decades ago by the Sudan united christian missionaries. We also have muslim minorities who accepted islam from Bauchi and Zaria.

Anybody who has visited Kaduna and Jos cities (the 2nd and 3rd largest cities in the northern half of Nigeria) will know our people very well because these are our headquarters.
Our region is the 2nd most ethnically diverse part of Nigeria with about 100 different ethnic groups and over 100 languages.

I have really been to different parts of Southern and northern Nigeria and i think i can confidently say that my people are the friendliest and most welcoming people in Nigeria. Also when it comes to beauty, i do not think i have seen anywhere in Nigeria with as much dark skinned beauties as these people

Here we are

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