A Chinese, Sun Hun was arrested on Friday for allegedly recruiting assassins to kill his Nigerian business partner. Lagos Sate Commissioner of Police, Mr. Fatia Owoseni said the Chinese was arrested following the confession of one Chika Eze, whom he allegedly paid N1.4 million to carry out the killing. Chika in his confession to the police said, he followed Hun’s directives and he paid N400,000 to two assassins but he was arrested while they were taking oath of secrecy before they will embark on the task.

“He (Hun) is my boss. He told me to arrange boys to kill his business partner who was owing him. He discussed the amount with them and then gave me N1.4 million. I have already given them N400,000 that was why the police found one million Naira on me,” said Eze. However, the Chinese denied the allegation as he stated that, he recruited and paid Eze the money to get charms against his business partner who owed him over N4million. “He refused to pay my money.

Instead, he went to court when I was not around and claimed that I was owing him N10 million. He got judgment against me and the court said I should pay. “He is an Igbo man and I did not ask them to kill him. I told them to do juju (charm) against the man,” said Hun.

Confirming the arrest, Mr. Owoseni said: “The Chinese national had a misunderstanding with his Nigerian business partner and he thought the best way to resolve it, was to assassinate the Nigerian. He recruited a fellow and paid him N1.4million to get boys to kill the other man

“In the course of his co-accused trying to recruit the others and getting them to take an oath, the police got information and arrested them. We also recovered one million of the total N1.4million, which will be used as exhibit. Further investigations will be carried out on the matter,” said Owoseni.


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