The General Secretary of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. Musa Asake has lamented the President Muhammadu Buhari’s silence on the continued killings of non-Muslims.
Alake, in an interview with the Punch on Sunday joined many Nigerians to condemn in strong terms the murder of a Redeemed Christian Church of God early-morning preacher, Eunice Elisha.

He said, “I really don’t know – that’s not the first killing. I don’t why this is happening; we have security agencies in Nigeria.
“But when a Christian is killed, they (Muslims) either say it’s due to blasphemy or they don’t give a reason at all.

“After the killings, we are often told some people were arrested – that’s the best we hear. And, after the arrest, nothing happens again.

“As Christians we’re going through a difficult time. Therefore, my reaction to the killing of the RCCG’s pastor is that it was an ugly incident.

“It ought not to have happened. There’s never been a situation where a Christian will go and kill somebody for no reason but Christians are being killed Muslims – let me say by extremists; because not all Muslims are involved.”
Alake noted that the silence of the president on issues of killing innocent Christians either by religious extremists or Fulani herdsmen was becoming suspicious.

He added, “We are also faced with Fulani herdsmen who are killing people and wiping out villages as if we don’t have a government in the country. It is a very sad situation.”

The general secretary, however, alleged that there were plans to exterminate Christians in the country.

He said, “From the way I see things happening, there is a grand plan to wipe out Christians in this country but by the grace of God it will not come to pass.

“That is why I am saying if the government is not going to protect us, then we have no choice but to protect ourselves.”

“We will not continue to fold our hands and accept being killed for no reason. These killings are going on as usual and we have got to a point to say ‘enough is enough.’ Everybody has to defend themselves,” he warned.

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