Oyetola @66th Birthday: Aregbesola shuns Oyetola

After 24 hours of his birthday celebration, Mr Rauf Aregbesola is yet to greet his successor, Gboyega Oyetola.

In what people described as politics of hatred played by Mr Aregbesola for not celebrating not only his successor, but a leader of the party in the State.

But Aregbesola’s supporters are quick to dismiss those conclusions, pointing out that Oyetola did not only refused to send greetings to Sherifat, Aregbesola’s wife, who celebrated her birthday few days ago, he stayed away from a reception held in her honour at the Interior Minister residence in Lagos.

It will be recalled that the fallout between Mr Aregbesola and Oyetola started shortly after his inauguration as the Executive Governor of Osun State when he (Oyetola) decided to take over party structure, thereby shutting door at Aregbesola’s ‘boys’.

Though, the former interim Chairman of the APC, Chief Bisi Akande broker the peace between the duo early this year, but the crisis keeps increasing everyday.

Some weeks ago, supporters of the two politicians clashed on social media platform, Facebook, over who should be blamed for the humongous debt trying to snuff life out of the state.

For Oyetola supporters, Aregbesola incurred unjustified debts and making it tough for the incumbent governor to execute development projects, but those who supports Aregbesola sharply disagreed, and insisted that Oyetola cannot be excused from whatever that went wrong under Aregbesola because he was the Chief of Staff and the ‘engine room’ of that government.

Aside the social media fights of the supporters of the two politicians, Oyetola has been doing almost everything to distance himself from the eight years rule of Aregbesola, reviewing most of his policies, and either cancel them outrightly or reverse them to previous condition.

Political observers are of the view that things are not going well between the duo and if would weigh on the re-election bid of Oyetola, which some predict will not be supported by Aregbesola.

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