The Inspector General of Police has ordered a thorough investigation into the death of an Abuja based US citizen Mrs Sophia Ohaekelem
She ran a cafe in the Abuja .Her friends, grown up children from a previous marriage are convinced her death was not natural

This is the statement of one of her sons

I am contacting the embassy following the death of my mother in Abuja. It has been brought to my attention that there has been assaults against my mother prior to her quick demise at the hand of her husband. There is currently an investigation taking place including an autopsy to determine if her cause of death was influenced by the violent husband.

What concerns me, and is the purpose of my contacting, is that I have two half brothers named Kenzo (3) and Kaiden (newborn) that are currently with him ( husband ) now. The lawyer that was defending my mother in a case against her husband has expressed dire concern about the well-being of my brothers. I have had multiple friends of my mother contact me and ask that I get involved as he may cause harm to them, as violence has been very common with this man. Their friends believe he may abandon them in his village or possibly kill them. I’m in fear for their safety and if the outcome of the investigation proves that there was foul play I do not want something bad to happen to my baby brothers.

My name is Daylan, I am a 30 year old American citizen from Texas. My wife and I are prepared to welcome my baby brothers into our home alongside our daughter in order to provide them with safety and a better future. If necessary I would like to bring my brothers to the states and help them find a better life now that our mother is passed, potentially murdered by this man trying to escape him with the boys.

I was told that someone has already contacted the embassy on their behalf that is trying to ensure the children’s safety.

A petition sighted by CKN News revealed that her lawyers Ajulo & Co had previously written a petition over what it described as an assault on her person by her husband

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