Detectives attached to Ibafo Police Station, Ogun State, have arrested a husband and wife for allegedly selling children stolen from Lagos and Oyo states.

The suspects, Morenike and Shittu, were arrested at Mosafote, Unity Road, Ogun State.

The couple’s neighbours were said to have become suspicious a few months ago after Morenike brought a child to the home in the evening and left the following day with the child.

She was said to have done this on four different occasions, before she was caught with a four-year-old girl. The girl was later found to have been abducted in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Residents further claimed that Morenike, whenever she abducted children in Ogun State, takes them to Oyo State, and if it was Lagos she stole the children, she would move to Oyo State, to sell them.

It was gathered that neighbours started to closely monitor Morenike after she brought in a four-year-old girl about 9p.m. Sunday last week.

She had strapped the abducted girl to her back and was leaving the neighborhood on Monday morning, when a community leader, Chief Toyeeb Balogun, confronted her.

Balogun, who spoke with our correspondent, said he took her to the palace of Baale of Mosafote, for questioning.

He said: “People have been saying that Iya Ahmed (Morenike) used to bring strange children into the community in the evening and take them away the following day. On October 8, she came in with a girl of about four-year-old. The girl looked malnourished. The next day, she left home with the girl and didn’t return with her.

“After that incident, some neighbours reported to the Baale. He told them to start monitoring her. About 12p.m. on Sunday, some residents came to call me that they saw her leaving the community with another girl. I rushed to meet and asked her about the identity of the girl. She said the girl was her sister’s child. She said her sister lives at Egbeda. We took her to the palace. When we got there, she told the Baale that the girl’s mother was in Ipaja. We then took her to FSARS office in Warewa. Her husband came to the station and told the police that she usually brought girls from Ilorin, Kwara State.

“They asked him what the children were used for, he said he did not know. Both of them have been detained. This is the fifth time Morenike would be seen with an unknown child.”

The landlady of the apartment where the detained couple live, alleged that Morenike had been arrested twice for similar crimes of stealing and selling children, but was released.

The Baale, Chief Sakiru Ademuyiwa, said that Morenikeji was asked to call the parents of the girl on the telephone, but she didn’t.

Ademuyiwa explained that he decided to involve the police in the case after the alleged parents did not show up.

Ademuyiwa added: “She called somebody who claimed to be the mother of the girl.

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